Chad & JLo

Jennifer Lopez

Chad… Pete Davidson

[Starts with Jennifer Lopez rehearsing her show at SNL stage.]

[music playing]

[Cut to Jennifer Lopez]

Jennifer Lopez: Okay. That will work. Thanks guys. I’ll see you tonight. Can you leave my mic open? I’m going to work on some stuff by myself. Thanks, guys.

[lights turned off]


All eyes on me, but my eyes on you

[sound disturbance]

[Jennifer Lopez turns back]


[Cut to Chad trying to unwire his guitar jack]

Chad: What up?

[Cut to Jennifer Lopez]

Jennifer Lopez: Oh, it’s you. You’re that roadie. You know, I’ve been meaning to ask. What is your name?

[Cut to Chad]

Chad: Chad.

[Cut to Jennifer Lopez]

Jennifer Lopez: Chad. Nice to put a name to that handsome face.

[Jennifer Lopez and Chad are staring at each other]

[Cut to Chad]

Chad: Who are you?

[Cut to Jennifer Lopez]

Jennifer Lopez: Jennifer Lopez.

Chad: Okay.

Jennifer Lopez: Yeah. Sing here. [Cut to Jennifer Lopez and Chad] Did you hear me singing?

Chad: Yeah.

[Cut to Jennifer Lopez]

Jennifer Lopez: Did you like what you heard?

[Cut to Chad]

Chad: No.

[Cut to Jennifer Lopez]

Jennifer Lopez: God! That is so refreshing. You know, I appreciate your honesty. Since we’re being honest, I have a little confession. Ever since I first saw you, I haven’t been able to get you out of my – [sound disturbance]

[cut to Chad connecting his guitar not listening to Jennifer Lopez]


Chad: What up?

[Cut to Jennifer Lopez]

Jennifer Lopez: Can you not do that now? I’m trying to talk to you.

[Cut to Chad.]

Chad: Oh, okay. [Chad throws the guitar away and walks towards Jennifer Lopez]

[Cut to Jennifer Lopez Chad]

Jennifer Lopez: You know, I shouldn’t have these feelings for you, Chad. I just got engaged.

Chad: Congrats.

Jennifer Lopez: And I’m in love with Alex.

Chad: Who that?

[Cut to Jennifer Lopez]

Jennifer Lopez: Rodriguez. A-Rod.

[Cut to Chad]

Chad: Heh-heh, Rod.

[Cut to Jennifer Lopez]

Jennifer Lopez: What more could a girl want. He was a Yankee.

[Cut to Jennifer Lopez]

Chad:  Heh, yank.

[Cut to Jennifer Lopez turns back and continues speaking]

Jennifer Lopez: Part of me just want to say screw and it make crazy love to you on the stage right here.

[Cut to chad naked on the stage when Jennifer Lopez is not looking]

Chad: Sick.

[Cut to Jennifer Lopez]

Jennifer Lopez: But, I can’t.

[Cut to Chad]

Chad: Okay. [Chad wears his clothes]

[Cut to Jennifer Lopez]

Jennifer Lopez: I’m sorry, Chad. Is this making you uncomfortable?

[Cut to Chad]

Chad: I’m good.

Jennifer Lopez: It’s crazy, we just met but I feel like you see me. [Cut to Jennifer Lopez and Chad] It’s funny, when you’re up here on stage in front of thousands of people screaming you name, its easy to get lost in it.

[Chad falls off the stage]

Chad! Are you all right?

Chad: I’m good.

[Jennifer Lopez pulls Chad back to the stage laughing]

Jennifer Lopez: Did you fall off the stage just to make me laugh?

Chad: No.

Jennifer Lopez: Yeah, right. Flirt. [Chad farts] You know, I’ve seen you watching me dance during my show. I’ve seen you looking at my—

[Cut to and Chad]

Chad: Tities?

[Cut to Jennifer Lopez]

Jennifer Lopez: You’re bad, Chad. Do you want to dance?

[Cut to Chad]

Chad: Okay. [Chad holds a chair in front of him and starts dancing by himself]

Jennifer Lopez: No, I mean slow dance.

[Chad slows down but still is dancing by himself]

[Cut to Jennifer Lopez]

Oh, god! You’re too much. Come here.

[Chad walks near Jennifer Lopez]

[They are dancing]

[Chad burps]

Somebody had Doritos.

[Chad’s hand is full of sauce and he is holding Jennifer Lopez on her waist]

Now where were we?

[Jennifer Lopez moves forward to kiss Chad]

Alex: Jen?

Jennifer Lopez: Alex! This is my new choreographer.

Chad: No, I’m not.

[Cut to Alex]

Alex: I hope you’re happy.

[Cut to Jennifer Lopez and Chad]

Jennifer Lopez: Alex, wait. Chad, I have to go after him.

Chad: Okay.

Jennifer Lopez: And I think you should leave the tour. Goodbye, Chad.

Chad: Goodbye, J-Lo.

Author: Don Roy King

Don Roy King has directed fourteen seasons of Saturday Night Live. That work has earned him ten Emmys and fourteen nominations. Additionally, he has been nominated for fifteen DGA Awards and won in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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