Choir Fashion

Evelyn McIntosh… Aidy Bryant

Diana Krill… Kate McKinnon

Pete Davidson

Chris Redd

Chance the Rapper

[Starts with Dazzle Design Choir Attire intro]

[Choir singers singing]

[Cut to Evelyn McIntosh and Diana Krill]

Evelyn McIntosh: Hi, I’m Evelyn McIntosh.
Diana Krill: And I’m Diana Krill.

Evelyn McIntosh: And we’re the proud owners of Dazzle Designs.

Diana Krill: Your premiere source for show choir attire. As directors of a team show choir, we wear many hats. Director, pianist, coming out sounding board and fashion designer.

Evelyn McIntosh: When your group of 60 teens is standing on risers for six hours in the basketorium, they should look exactly as good as they sound.

Diana Krill: Whether you’re doing a Messiah or an ill-advised African tune. We’ve got you covered.

[Music starts playing]

[Both singing choir]

Evelyn McIntosh: Well, let’s take a look at some of our designs. [A picture of a model with a dress appears on the left side] This cool team dress has an air of elegance, best described as Amish Bat Mitzvah.

Diana Krill: Guaranteed to have your teen daughter looking like the fiancée of an important Nazi.

[Both singing choir]

Both: Moon river.

Diana Krill: Here to help model our menswear look are the most talented and only boys in our choir, the Trevors.

[Cut to the Trevors]

Everyone: Hi!

Pete Davidson: I’m a bass.

Chris Redd: I’m a tenor.

Chance the Rapper: And I’m a bully.

[Cut to Evelyn McIntosh and Diana Krill]

Evelyn McIntosh: Oh, boys, you’re perfect. Now, show them what you’re wearing.

[Cut to the Trevors]

Pete Davidson: Look like you’re going to a prom, where the theme is virginity.

Chance the Rapper: Rent them pre-stinky from school and pair them with your dead uncle’s dress shoes.

Chris Redd: The buttons let you know it’s Velcro!

Chance the Rapper: They’re made for dancing, and by dancing, I mean a terrified this. [All three of them showing a nervous dance step]

[Cut to Evelyn McIntosh and Diana Krill]

Evelyn McIntosh: Now, let’s see some daring ensembles.

[A picture of two models wearing matching clothes at the left side]

Children are gift. Put them in a bag. Wide shoulder, everybody boat neck.

Diana Krill: As a choir director, you’ll love how the shinyness of these outfits distracts the audience from your dancing.

[The picture chances to am model wearing a black dress and a hat.]

Evelyn McIntosh: Now, this is a spunky look because of the sexual hat. And a skirt that lands at the widest part of every girl’s leg.

Diana Krill: Can’t you picture her singing modern hit from the radio?

[Music playing]

Both: I don’t want a place to stay [laughing]

Make my day Make my day

Evelyn McIntosh: All right, let’s see our final and best look on  boys.

[Cut to the Trevors]

Chris Redd: Complement your four-part harmonies with a 22-piece tuxedo ensemble.

Chance the Rapper: Complete with pockets, buttons, and no rear vent. Those farts are coming out of your mouth.

Pete Davidson: We got these from a magician supply warehouse, so some of the pockets still have a dead doves in them.

[Cut to Evelyn McIntosh and Diana Krill]

Evelyn McIntosh: Want to know more? Visit our website, print it out. Fax the printout to our son. He’ll mail you a phone number which is a website.

Diana Krill: We accept all major credit cards, Visa, Disney and Kohl’s.

Evelyn McIntosh: So dazzle today!

[The Trevors join them]

[Music starts playing and every is singing]

[Ends with Dazzle Designs outro]

Author: Don Roy King

Don Roy King has directed fourteen seasons of Saturday Night Live. That work has earned him ten Emmys and fourteen nominations. Additionally, he has been nominated for fifteen DGA Awards and won in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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