Party Song


Aidy Bryant

Mikey Day

Cecily Strong

Mr. B… Will Ferrell

Chloe Fineman

[Starts with Aidy at the door talking to her kids]

Aidy: Your dad and I will be back on Sunday. Remember, no parties.

Kids: We promise!

[horn honking]

Aidy: Damn it, Ronald. I’m coming.

[Cut to Jack and Cecily]

Both: It’s on!

[Music video starts]

Cecily: Whip out the phone starts sending texts

our parents are gone you know what happens next

Jack: Having a party should be cool

[door bell ringing]

Cecily: Who’s here?

Jack: The entire school

[everybody are getting in the house]

Jack: Everybody came the jocks and the geeks

popular girls the goths and the freaks

Cecily: Class clown crushing beer

Jack: He is losing

Cecily: Nerds playing beer pong

Jack: He is losing

Cecily: The quarterback’s here that’s hella lit

glad you came through

Alex: Party’s legit!

Cecily: Stoner kids rolling up a stick as blunt

Jack: Sitting on the couch is my AP English teacher?

[Cut to AP English teacher on the couch with a drink]

Cecily: Cause we’re having a pa-a-arty

hella fun


why’d your teacher come?


it’s kind of weird right?

party at my house tonight

party popping up that’s how it goes

Jack: through Mr. B’s looking at my family photos

nursing a beer as he tours my home

Mr. B: Hey Jack, was this taken in Rome?

Jack: Yo, sis, Mr. B came

Cecily: I know he did. Why is he here? He’s got a wife and a kid

Jack: Is he creeping on girls?

Cecily: No he’s being polite.

Jack: Then why the is he here?

Cecily: Just chill, all right?

he ain’t doing no harm don’t pay him attention

Jack: It’s just weird that he’s here watching Shawshank Redemption

Mr. B.: Andy Dufresne.

Jack: Midnight comes and the party’s still packed

cute Sophomore says–

Chloe: There you are Jack,

want to chill in your room? Party’s kind of loud

Jack: Mr. B’s with the vape rats

Mr. B.: Yeah, great cloud

Chloe: Show me your room

Jack: Yo, he’s drinking a bunch

Mr. B.: The cloud smells amazing

is that captain crunch?

Cecily: Mr. B’s having the time of his life

Jack: ‘Til he gets a call, must be his wife

Cecily: He ignores the call, stares off into space

twirls his wedding ring, black look on his face

Jack: He’s going through some stuff

Cecily: Mid life crisis?

Jack: Nah! Deeper than that.

Cecily: It’s none of our business

cause we’re having a pa-a-arty

giving into me


looking at himself


who have I become?

party at my house tonight

Jack: 3 am. Night’s coming to an end

Cecily: time to say good-bye to all our friends

Alex: Party was epic

Chris: Party’s the best

Chloe: Maybe check on Mr. B though

Jack: He hasn’t left?

[Cut to Mr. B. drinking on alone.]

heading home Mr. B?

Mr. B.: Hey there Zack

God I miss high school wish I could go back

Jack: Ha-ha, that’s cool.

Cecily: Can we call you a lyft?

Mr. B.: It goes by fast, cherish it.

Jack: Well, you should probably roll if you know what I mean

Mr. B.: I’d kill my own mother for a time machine

Cecily: Okay, well–

Mr. B.: Promise me guys you’ll just be alive.

While you’re young and alive.

Jack: Right.

Mr. B.: Sleep with everyone.

You’re only young once. Make it fun. [Mr. B. opens another can]

Cecily: Oh, you’re having one more?

Mr. B.: Yeah. [finishes the drink in one shot] Great party.

Jack: Hold up, Mr. B, are you good to drive?

Mr. B.: Not even close, but I got a ride.

[Mr. B. opens the door. His wife is outside.]

Mrs. B.: It is 3 in the morning, Richard.

Mr. B.: I’m sorry.

Mrs. B.: What is going on with you lately?

Mr. B.: I don’t know, okay?

Cecily: Party at my house tonight.

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Author: Don Roy King

Don Roy King has directed fourteen seasons of Saturday Night Live. That work has earned him ten Emmys and fourteen nominations. Additionally, he has been nominated for fifteen DGA Awards and won in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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