Weekend Update: David Ortiz on Getting Shot – SNL


Colin Jost

David Ortiz … Kenan Thompson

[Starts with Colin Jost in his set]

Colin Jost: This week—this summer former Red Sox slugger David Ortiz got shot in the Dominican Republic but he recovered and he even threw out the first pitch at a Red Sox game. Here to comment big Papi himself, David Ortiz.

[David Ortiz slides in the screen]

David Ortiz: Yo! Feliz Septebre!

Colin Jost: It is so great to see you big Papi. How is your summer?

David Ortiz: It was bad. But you know what they say. [Cut to David Ortiz] Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you want to try to kill who tried to kill you.

[Cut to David Ortiz and Colin Jost]

Colin Jost: That must have been a horrible experience.

David Ortiz: Oh, you think bro? I had to go to the hospital in the Dominican Republic. You know what they have in the hospital there?

Colin Jost: What?

[Cut to David Ortiz]

David Ortiz: They got Mofongo. Chicharones. Beef Steaka Con Mas Beef Steak. And in the IV you know what they give you?

[Cut to David Ortiz and Colin Jost]

Colin Jost: What, like a saline solution?

David Ortiz: Close. Concreto Frito.

Colin Jost: They have that at the hospital?

David Ortiz: At the Dominical hospital they do.

[Cut to David Ortiz]

That’s why I go to the Boston hospital next. You go what they got at the Boston hospital?

[Cut to David Ortiz and Colin Jost]

Colin Jost: hat?
David Ortiz: Medicine.

Colin Jost: Well, I hope you stay safe from now on.

David Ortiz: Me too. That’s why I’m more careful now. When I go out I wear a disguise. I get them all from the same place.

[Cut to David Ortiz]

Hair BNB. You need a wig for the weekend, use Hair BNB. Every wig is made of 100% guinea pig hair. Very itchy.

[Cut to David Ortiz and Colin Jost]

Colin Jost: So, you’re still doing commercials?

David Ortiz: Oh, yeah, bro. [Cut to David Ortiz] I’m also trying to have a better diet now. Other so I’m eating the possible burger.

Colin Jost: You mean the impossible burger.

David Ortiz: No, possible burger. Did you buy a bunch of ground beef from the back of a pickup truck? It might not be real meat. But it’s possible.

[Cut to David Ortiz and Colin Jost]

Colin Jost: I’m glad you’re staying positive about this.

David Ortiz: Oh, Mucho positive Jost. [Cut to David Ortiz] Have a new lease on life. I’ve even been exercising again.

Colin Jost: You’re exercising?

David Ortiz: I’m using the Pelocon.

[Cut to David Ortiz and Colin Jost]

Colin Jost: You mean Peloton?

David Ortiz: No, Peloton is a bike. Pelicon is a Pelicon. Pelican. [Cut to David Ortiz] It’s just a big Pelican that attack you when you’re not expecting it. I already lost 15 pounds and three fingers. And you never see the Pelican coming, because he use Hair BNB.

[Cut to David Ortiz and Colin Jost]

Colin Jost: Big Papi, I’m just really happy that you’re back and that you’re healthy enough to be shooting a commercial.

David Ortiz: Hey, who’s shooting?

Colin Jost: Big Papi, everyone.

David Ortiz: Merry Christmas, everybody. Yo, yo, Mofongo.

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Author: Don Roy King

Don Roy King has directed fourteen seasons of Saturday Night Live. That work has earned him ten Emmys and fourteen nominations. Additionally, he has been nominated for fifteen DGA Awards and won in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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