The Science Room


Zackry Adams… Adan Driver

Lany… Cecily Strong

Josh… Mikey Day

[Starts with TV program schedule]

Female voice: The PBS learning afternoon. At 3:30, it’s Grammar Train. Followed at 4 by Phonics Bus. But up next, it’s The Science Room.

[Cut to Zackry Adams holding a dummy human skeleton.]

Zackry Adams: Well, this guy’s bad to the bone. Ha-ha. I’m professor Zackry Adams and welcome to Science Room.

[Cut to Science Room video bumper] [Cut to Zackry Adams with Lany and Josh]

Zackry Adams: First, let’s say Hi-pothesis. Ha-ha-ha. To our junior volunteers. Lany and Josh.

Josh: Hi.

Lany: Hi.

Zackry Adams: Guys, you excited to learn about science?

Josh: Ya, kinda nervous.

Lany: My hears like…

Zackry Adams: Okay. We’ll just take a few calming breaths. Ay, speaking of breathing, today’s topic is air.

Josh: Yes!

Lany: I love air so much.

Zackry Adams: Air is mostly made up of an element. Do you guys know what’s it called?

Lany: Air?

Zackry Adams: Nope. But it starts with an O. Josh?

Josh: Um. oil?

Zackry Adams: Okay, here’s a hint. Oxy…

Lany: Cotton?

Zackry Adams: It’s oxygen. Oxygen is the answer.

Josh: I knew it.

Lany: I was gonna say that.

Zackry Adams: I don’t think you were. Say, do you guys like balloons?

Lany and Josh: Do you guys like balloons?

Zackry Adams: No, I didn’t mean say what I said. Just give me the balloon. [someone hands him a balloon] Now, why does this balloon float?

[the balloons flies away]

Josh: Um, from the string?

Zackry Adams: No, what? It’s from helium. And it works like this. Imagine you’re in a pool.

Josh: Marco.

Lany: Pull off!

Zackry Adams: Guys! Guys! Forget about the pool. No more pool. Let’s just do the experiment. And for those of you doing the experiment along with us at home, make sure a parent or guardian is present because what comes first in the science room?

Lany: Um, the guy?

Zackry Adams: The guy?

Lany: Ya, my older sister said the guy like, always comes first. I don’t know.

Zackry Adams: Oh, my god! No! No! That’s not what that means. The guy does not come first here.

Josh: The girl comes first?

Lany: No, my sister says the girl never comes.

Zackry Adams: It’s safety! Safety comes first. That was an awful conversation we just had. Now, for today’s experiment, we’ll need a balloon. Josh, why don’t you blow one up. [Josh starts blowing a balloon] We also need a sewing needle and some scotch tape.

[Josh falls down and the balloon flies off]

Oh, my god! Josh. He passed out? Are you alright?

Josh: Yeah. What?

Zackry Adams: Alright, can we get another balloon?

[someone passes Zackry Adams a balloon]

Okay, guys, back. Now, look at this balloon. Now, we’re gonna put a piece of scotch tape on it and see what happens if I put something sharp through the scotch tape when I– [Lany and Josh are pulling the scotch tape] Okay, stop messing with this. Put this down. What will happen if I put a needle through the scotch tape through the balloon?

Josh: It will get vaccinated.

Zackry Adams: What? What would normally happen if I stick a needle through the balloon?

Lany: It will scream.

Zackry Adams: Look you stupid, stupid kids. What do balloons do?

Josh: Um, provide a sense of atmosphere?

Zackry Adams: If I stick a needle through an f-ing balloon, it will… what?

Josh: Come first?

[Zackry Adams pokes the balloon with the needle and throws the tape away in rage.]

Zackry Adams: If punctured, balloons will… Starts with a P, ends with a bop.

Lany: It will Bop.

Josh: Yeah, bop.

Zackry Adams: Alright! Go to that video with ducks flying coz I’m about to scream the C word into my shirt in the three, two, one…

[Cut to Science Room video bumper] [The End]

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Author: Don Roy King

Don Roy King has directed fourteen seasons of Saturday Night Live. That work has earned him ten Emmys and fourteen nominations. Additionally, he has been nominated for fifteen DGA Awards and won in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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