AMC Theatres Commercial


Vin Diesel… Beck Bennett

Anya Taylor-Joy

[Starts with AMC theater’s intro]

Male voice: And now, a message from AMC theaters.

[Cut to Vin Diesel driving a car]

Vin Diesel: It’s been a while. For the past year, the roads have been a little empty. But we’re starting to see the promise of a new day.

[Cut to Vin Diesel]

Yo, I’m Vin Diesel. For more than 100 years, there’s one place where we all came together to be entertained, the movies. There’s nothing like it. The popcorn, the previews, the pretzels, and don’t forget, the movies. I’m talking the tickets, the butter. It’s really amazing. Ah! We’ve been home for too long. It’s time to get back to the carpets, the cup holders, the arm rests, the napkins. When the movie’s not loud enough, when the movie’s a little too loud, I guess you could say there’s something for everybody, only at the movies.

[Cut to Anya at the movie theater.]

Anya: AMC is proud to partner with Vin Diesel to welcome audiences back to see “Fast 9” the way it was meant to be seen, on the big screen on the AMC–

[Vin Diesel walks in]

Vin Diesel: [interrupting] The straws, the sticky floors, the $8 bottle of water, the nachos, the hand dryer in the bathroom that’s louder than a choo-choo train, [Anya silently walks out] the second concession stand that’s never been open, the little boy at the urinal with his pants all the way down, the bird that’s trapped inside the lobby. It’s truly incredible. That’s right. I’m talking bout the movies. The butter machine that shoots out something that doesn’t look like butter. The Aerosmith arcade game. The garbage that has a hole that’s little too small to put in garbage in. That’s the movies.

Have you ever seen a movie? It’s amazing. The music, the heavy doors, the pre-show video where you’re out of roller coaster, the little trivia game on screen before the movie. You have to be pretty dumb to get the answer wrong. And I always do. Are the movies back? Ha-ha-ha-ha. You tell me. The stories, the way the hallway stinks, the waving to your dad to show him where you’re sitting in the theater, the snacks you hid in your mom’s purse, yum, the weird feeling you get when you see a movie early in the day and you come outside and the sun’s still out, weird, the cardboard cut outs, the taking a picture with Garfield so you could remember you saw Garfield, that’s the movies. And you know what? It’s good to be back.

[Anya walks in]

Anya: Yeah, actually we do require you to wear a mask inside.

Vin Diesel: It’s time to go home. Watch a movie at home with no mask. It’s amazing.

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