Cars 4


Owen Wilson

Mikey Day

Punkie Johnson

Larry… James Austin Johnson

[Starts with Owen Wilson in Pixar production studio]

Mikey: There he is, Owen freaking Wilson. Bring it in!

Owen Wilson: Alright. Time to make the donuts.

Punkie: Baking that again, baby.

Owen Wilson: Yea.

Mikey: Dude, by the way, Loki? You crushed it, dude. I haven’t seen it yet, but I hear it’s amazing.

Owen Wilson: Yea, I’m proud of it. But hey, this is exciting too. Cars 4. I didn’t even know they were planning to do another one.

Mikey: Yea, Pixar is keeping it pretty quiet. I haven’t even seen a full script yet. They’re just sending over little chunks of dialogs so the animators can start working. So that is what we’ll be recording today.

Owen Wilson: Great. Okay. I’m gonna hop in the booth. Let’s do this. Hey, Kachow! Right?

Mikey: Kachow! There it is.

[Owen Wilson walks into the voiceover recording booth]


Owen Wilson: Let me get this on. [puts on the headset]

Mikey: Whenever you’re ready, O-Town.

Owen Wilson: Here we go.

Punkie: Rolling!

Owen Wilson: “Radiator springs, here I come!”

Mikey: Perfect. Moving on.

Owen Wilson: “Return to racing, you bet I can still win the piston cup.”

Mikey: Amazing. Next.

Owen Wilson: “Back off, Jack off– Back off, Jack ass. I wasn’t looking at your wife!”

Mikey: Nailed it. Next.

Owen Wilson: “I am Speed. Kachow!”

Mikey: Love it.

Owen Wilson: “Calm down, Jerk-Off! I didn’t touch your daughter. She was coming on to me.” Hey, can we stop?

Mikey: Yeah. What’s wrong? O, That was feeling really, really good.

Punkie: Yeah, so good. You’re killing it O.

Owen Wilson: Thanks. But I’m just a little thrown by a few lines in there. I mean, what exactly is going on in this movie?

Mikey: You know, again, I haven’t seen a full script. But you wanna keep going? Cool? Time for three?

Owen Wilson: Okay.

Punkie: On you, O.

Owen Wilson: Here we go. “Kachow!”

Mikey: Yeah, perfect. Next line?

Owen Wilson: “Grow up, man. Your sister sure did!”

Mikey: Good, good. Moving on.

Owen Wilson: “So, what college do you girls go to? Oh! You’re in high school? Could have fooled me.”

Mikey: Perfect. Dude, you’re crushing it. Moving on.

Owen Wilson: “Winning the piston cup could save this whole town. And I can’t race because of one bad date? This is a witch hunt, your honor.” Wait, guys. He’s in court?

Mikey: Yeah. What’s the iss, O?

Owen Wilson: Well, the iss is I think Lightening McQueen is the bad guy in this.

Mikey: No. No. [asking Punkie] Right?

Punkie: No.

Owen Wilson: Okay. Well, it just feels like there’s a lot of him creeping on girl cars and arguing with their dads and husbands and stuff. It’s a real departure for the character.

Mikey: Umm, interesting. You know what? Why don’t we get Larry in here? Might feel a little better to have someone to do your lines with?

Punkie: Yeah, let’s get Larry the cable guy. Flying in.

[Larry walks in]

Larry: Hey.

Owen Wilson: Hey, Larry. Come on in.

Larry: Hey man, excited to do this. Alright, let’s do this, man.

Mikey: Okay. Lar, let’s take it from your line on the top of five there.

Larry: “Woo-hoo! He’s my best friend, Lightening!”

Owen Wilson: “Thanks, Mater. You’re mine too.”

Larry: “That’s why I was so upset when I heard you was calling me an ‘R’ word.”

Owen Wilson: Okay, let’s stop. Let’s stop. He’s calling Mater the ‘R’ word now? Guys, that’s horrible.

Mikey: Oh, no, no. The ‘R’ word is rusty, I think. Because Mater is rusty.

Owen Wilson: Okay.

Larry: “Hey, you didn’t call me rusty, did you Lightening?”

Owen Wilson: “No. Stop being such a re–” No! Guys! I mean, I see the actual ‘R’ word right here and I’m not gonna say it.

Mikey: All good, O. If you’re not gonna say it, then skip the next 10 lines and go to the top of 15.

Larry: “Whoo, you did it, Lightning! You done won the Piston cup.”

Owen Wilson: “Ha-ha! Yeah! Kachow!”

Larry: “Hey! What are you doing, Lightening? That’s my sister, buddy.”

Owen Wilson: “Not tonight, Mater.”

Larry: “Hey, come on, Lightening. Why her?”

Owen Wilson: “Power!” Come on! Guys, I’m not doing this. It’s not happening. It’s a complete betrayal of a beloved character and I don’t want any part of it.

Mikey: Really? Because they just sent over your contract. You might want to take a look at it.

Owen Wilson: Well, it’s not about the money. [looks at the contract] And that’s just for this?

Mikey: [nodding] Um-hmm. Disney had a very good year.

Owen Wilson: Okay. Well, come on. This thing’s not gonna record itself. Let’s go. Kachow!


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