Miles Teller

Mikey Day

[Starts with people doing their work in the bank.]

Ego: Hey, how are you today?

Male voice: I’m well.

Female voice: Perfect. You had it waiting for me.

[Miles and Mikey walk in. They look at each other, then pull out their handguns]

Miles: Everybody on the ground. [people start panicking]

Mikey: [walking towards teller] You, we need everything from the vault in the bag.

Miles: We always say no one else to get hurt.

Bowen: Oh my god.

[Heidi is trying to open the vault]

Mikey: Open the vault lady.

Heidi: I am going as fast as I can.

Mikey: Well, pick it up.

[The vault opens. Heidi gets inside the vault. Then there’s a phone beeping.]

Miles: What was that?

Bowen: I’m sorry, I’m not calling the police, I swear.

Miles: Slide it over now or we kill you.

Bowen: I want you but I can’t. Because it’s-

Mikey: What is it?

Bowen: It’s time to be real.

Miles: Time to be what?

Bowen: Time to be real.

Ego: Wait, it is?

Andrew: I just got the notification, it’s time to be real.

Mikey: Okay, everybody shut up.

Miles: Yeah. Or tell us what being real is.

Bowen: It’s amazing. It’s this app that blew up over the summer. It’s the only honest social media.

Miles: You think I’m an idiot? Honest social media doesn’t exist.

Bowen: You’re so cynical. I was too. But with Be Real, you can only post once a day when the app sends out a notification.

Ego: So everyone post a pic at the same time no matter where they are, or what they’re doing.

Miles: Oh, so there’s no postures.

Mikey: Stop engaging.

Miles: It’s not status oriented and that’s why it’s called Be  Real.

Bowen: Yes, sir. You’re getting it.

[Mikey shoots on the ceiling]

Mikey: Everybody needs to shut— [people start taking pictures of them being robbed] What are you guys doing?

Bowen: We all have two minutes to post. Quick, quick, pose, pose.

[Miles poses for the photo]

Miles: Wait, wait, wait. So is it a picture of you or me?

Bowen: That’s the other thing. It takes a front and back facing photo at the same time.

Miles: No, what? That is crazy.

Mikey: Do you guys like all work for Be Rea or something?

Andrew: No, we’re just so aligned with the mission of the platform.

Mikey: Okay. [Sarah is trying to move around] You don’t even think about it.

Ego: Where the hell is security? [The security are also taking pictures for the app] Come on, download it. You don’t want to post late.

Miles: What happens if we post late?

Andrew: It tells people.

Miles: No.

All: So then everyone knows that you being real wasn’t being real.

Miles: Okay. I downloaded it.

Mikey: Dude!

Miles: And I’m gonna be real…

Mikey: No!

Miles: About exactly what I’m doing.

Mikey: Don’t post this on social media.

Miles: No. [inspirational music playing on background] No more curation. I don’t care who knows what I’m doing right now. I’m gonna be real.

Mikey: No, no, no, no, no, no.

[Cut to pictures of Miles and Mikey in jail]

Male voice: Download Be Real today. Before a couple of months before it stops being fun.

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