Weekend Update: Krampus on Kidnapping Naughty Children


Colin Jost

Krampus… Bowen Yang

[Starts with Colin Jost in his set]

Colin Jost: Well, it is Christmas time, a time when nice children get presents from Santa and bad children get a visit from Krampus. Here to comment is the mythological Christmas demon of Eastern European lore, Krampus.

[Krampus slides in]

Krampus: Hi. Hey, Michael, hey, Colin.

Colin Jost: Hey, Krampus. So how are you doing?

Krampus: I’m good. Yeah, I’m a little burnt out. I’m just so wrapped up in this job. You know, it’s like every year on accomplished knocked, I rise from hell. I run around, kidnap all the naughty children. And I just go home and check out. And Colin, you ever, like, watch TV for five hours straight and then they go by and you’ve eaten 40 kids?

Colin Jost: Wait, you eat the kids?

Krampus: Yeah, it’s fine. I’m just like, What am I doing? Okay, just her 936. This should be the best years of my life. Then I think about my dad at my age, and he was already one of the original gays at Sodom and he was married.

Colin Jost: I don’t know. That just sounds like a lot of pressure.

Krampus: You know, Bernie Brown has this great quote about shame. She says that it’s the feeling that people are saying hurtful things about you when you leave the room. Right? And I was like, wow. Like, that really resonated with me.

Colin Jost: Wow, what do you mean. Who’s shaming you?

Krampus: Oh, just people in Bavaria like dress up as me, which I get it, it’s funny haha. But think about what you’re doing for five seconds. You’re making fun of my body. You’re making fun of my livelihood. And I’m sorry, my culture is not your costume. Okay, but that’s what we do. We don’t protect queer voices in this country. I’m sick.

Colin Jost: Horn sickness?

Krampus: I’m horn sick.

Colin Jost: Oh god. I hate to say… I hesitate to say horny, but I do feel like it’s inappropriate. And I’m sorry, I missed that. You’re queer?

Krampus: Yeah, I’m a demon, Colin. I’m a queer. You know, Caesar has this great line on smoking on my x pack. She says them ho accusation’s weak then bitch accusation’s true And that really resonated with me. Because yeah, what I do for work isn’t great. But like my therapist always says, “Krampus, Your job is to punish children, not yourself.”

Colin Jost: Oh. And who’s your therapist?

Krampus: Delane Maxwell?

Colin Jost: Wow. She’s your therapist because she’s not dead.

Krampus: She commutes, Colin. It’s hard. Okay? I’m running around Central Europe on foot by myself. And I’m self reporting to every village. Meanwhile, I grew up solidly middle class. My mother was a teacher.

Colin Jost: Oh, well, what did she eat kids?

Krampus: How to eat kids. So as much as I want to quiet quit, I still show up and I do the work. Because guess what, Colin? I like myself. Maybe you should try it sometime. Waters warm. You know, my friend the demon Azazle has a great quote about self acceptance. He says – [makes demonic noise] That really resonated with me.

Colin Jost: Krampus, everyone.

Krampus: Delane is a bad therapist.

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