American Girl Café


Shane… Mikey Day

Travis Kelce

Shane: And some more tea for Clara Bell, but make sure Claire Bell knows it’s very hot. Okay?

Girl: Okay.

Sarah: Thank you.

Shane: Thank you.

[There’s a man wearing a pink suit in the cafe sitting with two dolls]

Hi there. Welcome to American Girl cafe. I’m Shane. I’ll be taking care of you this afternoon. I still see you’re waiting on some folks.

Travis: Nope. Gang’s all here.

Shane: Okay. So you’re not waiting for your daughter or niece?

Travis: Nope. Just me and the girls. This is Claire. That’s Isabel. [introducing the dolls]

Shane: Okie dokie. I always start by asking if there are any food allergies I should be aware of?

Travis: No, but this one is doing keto right now.

Shane: Okay. And are you allowed within 1000 feet of the school?

Travis: Yes, why?

Shane: Just a standard question we ask all of our patrons. Can I start you out with something to drink?

Travis: A glass of Rosae. I’ll need a drink to get me through lunch with these two drama queens.

Shane: Okay. Wonderful. I just need to see your ID. So sorry. They make us ask everyone. [Travis gives him his ID] Thanks. And so you don’t have any other names you use, right? This is the name that would appear on any online court documents or registered on any government list?

Travis: That’s the one but the only list you’ll find me on is the hungriest customer list.

Shane: Right? Okay, shall I bring you some menus then?

Travis: No need. I already know what I want. I’ll have a 64 ounce Porterhouse rare.

Shane: Okay, so unfortunately, we do not serve giant steaks here. It’s just a cafe.

Travis: Oh, well, we’ll need menus then. But FYI, don’t bring out any kids menus for the girls. Isabella just had her period and she thinks she’s a woman now.

Shane: Wonderful. Thank you for telling me that. Let me just take a quick look under here. Make sure you’re not aroused. No. All clear. Okay, I’ll be back shortly.

[Sarah walks to Travis with her daughter]

Sarah: Hi, my daughter is shy but she wanted to know if your dolls wanted some of her pizza.

Travis: Thanks. but no thanks. They don’t need the calories, and frankly, neither does your daughter.

Sarah: What did you say to me?

Travis: The truth Honey. Bye now.

Heidi: Hi there. I’m Lucy the manager. Just a safety thing we do here. You mind always keeping both hands on the table? Just so we know you’re not doing anything inappropriate under there. Sorry. It’s a vestige of the COVID era. Enjoy.

[There’s Kenan sitting with his daughter and a doll at the next table]

Kenan: Wow, how cool is this sweetheart? I hope Logan is hungry.

Travis: Oh, check your makeup, girls. Boy alert.

Kenan: Hello, is there a reason that your dolls are looking at us, sir?

Travis: You bring a stud like that in here, he’s gonna turn a few heads.

Kenan: Ha-ha-ha. [to Shane] Excuse me?

Shane: Yes.

Kenan: Yeah. That gentleman at that table-

Shane: Oh, he is here alone. But he seems to be harmless.

Kenan: So he’s not-

Shane: Aroused? No, I checked.

Kenan: Okay. And you’re sure he’s harmless? Because I really don’t like what he’s doing right now.

Travis: Isabelle said she was hot, but I think she just wanted to show her body off.

Kenan: Yeah, he talking about showing up the body of a doll. That’s not my favorite thing I’ve heard today. He’s coming over here. Okay.

[Travis brings his doll and puts it on side of Kenan’s doll]

Travis: Let the flirting begin. Don’t worry, she’s on the pill.

Shane: You know what? Let me just- Darius? Can you?

Darius: Yeah? What’s up? Lucy said we have a possible creeper in here?

Kenan: Yeah, over there.

Darius: Huh. All right. Don’t worry sir. I’m on it

Shane: Thank you so much.

[Darius walks to Sarah]

Darius: [to Sarah] Ay, listen up pervert! You do anything shady in here, we’re gonna have a problem. You understand me?

Sarah: What did you just say to me?

Darius: The truth, honey.

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