Straight Male Friend


Carson… Bowen Yang

All: Cheers!

Carson: Like most gay men, I have a lot of straight female friends and I love my girls. They can be a lot. Both financially-

Chloe: Wait, Carson, you’re coming to Tulum, right?

Carson: You know it, sis. And emotionally.

Heidi: Tulum is where Dylan and I were supposed to go before we broke.

Carson: Oh, I’m so sorry babe. As much as these girls mean to me, sometimes I need a break. And that’s when I discovered straight male friend.

Travis: What’s up? [playing video game] Yo, watch me head chop this bitch. Boom to the doom.

Carson: Amazing. Street male friend is a low effort low stakes relationship that requires no emotional commitment, no financial investment and other than the occasional video game related outburst-

Travis: [raging] Oh man, this game’s stupid.

Carson: No drama.

Travis: Yo, you want to grow your wings?

Carson: If I didn’t check in with my gal pals every day or two, it would turn into a whole thing. That’s never an issue with straight male friends. Hang out with them as little or as much as you want. It won’t affect the friendship at all. Watch this. Hey, I might be moving to Europe for seven years.

Travis: Dope. Just hit me when you’re back.

Carson: Straight male friend is easy. And even he’s having a rough time emotionally, he’ll never bring me into it. [to Travis] You okay? seem a little upset.

Travis: Man. My dad died last week.

Carson: Oh.

Travis: But it’s alright, you know? Try this wings?

Carson: Straight male friend isn’t perfect and may ask blunt questions about your sex life.

Travis: So like, do gay guys like when a guy has a big one? Or is it kind of like a bad thing?

Carson: Depends on the guy. But he’s only asking because he’s honestly curious. There’s something sweet about that. Does straight male friend provide the same deep rewarding relationship I have with my girls? No. Does straight male friend know my last name? No. And that’s kind of the beauty of it. But if you are missing a little drama, just say this. I bet I’m faster than you.

Travis: Dog. Bro, for real? You think you’re faster than me? I will go outside on the street and dust your ass right now. Let’s go, come on. Come on.

Carson: So if you’re a gay man who needs a break, come discover the casual low effort friendship gay women have known about for years. Straight male friend.

Travis: Yo, sorry about being a pussy about my dad dying earlier, man. That won’t happen again.

Male voice: Straight male friend, available everywhere. Except therapy.

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