SNL Transcripts: Paul Simon: 10/18/75

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  Season 1: Episode 2

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October 18th, 1975

Paul Simon

Randy Newman

Phoebe Snow

Art Garfunkel

The Muppets

Albert Brooks

Jesse Dixon Singers

Jerry Rubin

Marv Albert

Connie Hawkins

Bill Bradley

Season 1: Order Now!free website hit counter Paul Simon sings “Still Crazy After All These Years”Note: Chevy Chase performs his first opening fall at the end of Paul Simon’s number.

Note: After last week’s overpacked premiere episode, Saturday Night Live takes it easy by providing almost nothing but musical appearances for this episode. The cast was understandably not pleased.

Bio: Paul Simon (1941-) Singer-songwriter; teamed as Tom & Jerry with Art Garfunkel during the 1950’s, partnered as Simon & Garfunkel through 1970’s Bridge Over Troubled Water album; solo singing-songwriting career ever since; remained good friends with Lorne Michaels and Chevy Chase over the years; appeared as record producer Tony Lacey in “Annie Hall” (1977); married to actress Carrie Fisher from 1983-84; met singer Edie Brickell backstage at SNL in 1990, married two years later.

Also Hosted: 76h, 85p, 87h.

Also Performed: 77d, 79n, 86e, 90f, 92t, 94d, 00d, 05r.


Paul Simon & Jesse Dixon Singers perform “Loves Me Like A Rock”Bio: Led by esteemed gospelist Jesse Dixon (1938-); group performed back-up on Paul Simon’s 1974 concert album, Live Rhymin’.

Up Against the WallpaperSummary: Jerry Rubin pitches grafitti wallpaper.

Bio: Jerry Rubin (1938-94). Social activist; high-profile during the 1960’s and 1970’s; organized the Vietnam Day Committee to protest the Vietnam War; disrupted the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago as part of the infamous Chicago Seven.


Paul Simon performs “Marie”

Randy Newman performs “Sail Away”Bio: Randy Newman (1943-). Singer-songwriter; wrote the hit “Mama Told Me Not to Come” for Three Dog Night in the early 1970’s; some of his best-loved early songs were those of a comic nature, such as 1978’s “Short People”; began composing film scores later in his career.

Also Performed: 75b, 77i, 79f, 82n, 86f, 88c.

The BeesSummary: Paul Simon informs the Bees that their number was cut from the show.

Recurring Characters: Bees.


Weekend Update with Chevy ChaseSummary: Sports reporter Marv Albert is on the scene as Paul Simon goes one-on-one with Connie Hawkins on the basketball court.

Bio: Connie Hawkins (1942-). Athlete; played for the Phoenix Suns, 1969-73; played for the Atlanta Hawks, 1974-76; inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1992.

Bio: Marv Albert (1940-). Sportscaster; “The voice of the New York Knicks”, 1967-2004; for years, presented sports bloopers clips referred to as the “Albert Achievement Awards” on David Letterman’s talk shows; in 1997, received a twelve-month suspended sentence for misdemeanor assault and battery charges.

Cameos: 83t, 93p


Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel perform “The Boxer” & “Scarborough Fair”

Paul Simon performs “My Little Town”Note: Simon & Garfunkel reunited in real-life to record this single for Garfunkel’s current album, Breakaway.

Art Garfunkel performs “I Only Have Eyes For You”Bio: Art Garfunkel (1941-). Singer/actor; teamed as Tom & Jerry with Art Garfunkel during the 1950’s, partnered as Simon & Garfunkel through 1970’s Bridge Over Troubled Water album; as solo artist, relied heavily on other songrwriters, though he had his fair share of hits; light acting career included co-starring with Jack Nicholson in “Carnal Knowledge.”

Hosted: 77m.

Cameo: 86e.

The MuppetsSummary: Ploobis & Scred seek financial help from the Mighty Favog.

Albert Brooks FilmSummary: Albert Brooks presents his traumatic home movies and failed Candid Camera stunts.

Phoebe Snow performs “No Regrets” Bio: Phoebe Snow (1952-). Singer-songwriter; the poetry she wrote as a teenager eventually became her first songs as a jazz-scat vocalist.

Also Performed: 75r, 78s.

Paul Simon, Phoebe Snow, & Jesse Dixon Singers perform “Gone at Last”

Try-Hard 1-11Summary: A battery strong enough to run a pacemaker all night.


Paul Simon performs “American Tune”

GoodnightsBio: Bill Bradley (1943-). Athlete/politician; played for the New York Knicks, 1967-77; elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1982; U.S. State Senator for New Jersey, 1979-97; attempted a run for the presidency in 2000.

Cameos: 95d.


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