SNL Transcripts: Lily Tomlin: 11/22/75: Spud Beer

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  Season 1: Episode 6

75f: Lily Tomlin

Spud Beer

[Open on interior of hospital room. A patient is led into the room by nurses]

Announcer: You’ve just had a heavy session of electroshock therapy, and you’re more relaxed than you’ve been in weeks. [Patient climbs into bed] All those childhood traumas magically wiped away, along with most of your personality. Now is the time, time for Spud. [Nurse wheels in bucket with cans of Spud Beer]

Singers: Ohhhhh, Spud!

Announcer: Filled with the full, rich flavor of potatoes. [Patients begin smiling] Spud, the beer brewed for people who can’t taste the difference.

[Patients and nurses open cans of Spud]

“When you say Spud, just put your mind on hold.
Do what you’re told, and open a cold,
Refreshing Spud. Just watch your life go by.
No need to try. When you’ve got Spud.”Ohhhhh Spud!”

Announcer: Spud, the beer that made Boise famous.

Submitted by: John Ravetti

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