SNL Transcripts: Richard Pryor: 12/13/75: Police Lineup #1

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  Season 1: Episode 7

75g: Richard Pryor / Gil Scott-Heron

Police Lineup #1

Policeman…..Dan Aykroyd
Woman…..Gilda Radner
Boy Scout…..Tom Schiller
Black Man…..Richard Pryor
Doctor…..John Belushi
Businessman…..Chevy Chase

[FADE IN on a police lineup room. Four people file in from the left and stand in front of the height lines. From right to left, they are: Tom Schiller dressed as a Boy Scout; Richard Pryor in a black bathrobe, with his wrists in handcuffs and a large bandage on his forehead; John Belushi dressed as a doctor; and Chevy Chase dressed as a businessman in a gray suit. Richard grimaces and tries furtively to cover his face.]

Policeman: [off camera] All right now, ma’am, please do not be frightened, the suspects cannot see you. Can you identify the man who assaulted you?

Woman: [off camera] Well, I, I couldn’t see him too clearly, but, uh, I’m sure it’s the one in the handcuffs.

[The three white guys all look down at their hands and smile in relief. John and Chevy shake hands.]

Policeman: Okay, we’ll take care of him.

[FADE to black.]

Submitted by: Joe Cornfield

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