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  Season 1: Episode 9

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January 10th, 1976

Elliot Gould

Anne Murray

The Muppets

Al Franken

Tom Davis

Albert Brooks

Dave Wilson

Lorne Michaels

Paula Kahn

Paul Shaffer

Michael O’Donoghue

Tom Schiller

Neil Levy

The Dead String QuartetSummary: Members of the Dead String Quartet (Dan Aykroyd, Jane Curtin, Garrett Morris, Chevy Chase) give a silent performance punctuated by their keeling over onto one another.



Elliot Gould’s MonologueSummary: Elliot Gould sings “Let Yourself Go” & “Crazy Rhythm.”

Bio: Former Broadway chorusline dancer Elliot Gould (1938-) was a counterculture favorite during the late 60’s/early 70’s, thanks to performances in films like “MASH” and “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice.” He was one of SNL’s most frequent hosts during the 70’s. Gould was also married to Barbara Streisand.

Also Appeared: 75v, 76s, 78i, 79k, 80a.


Gilda & Elliot ISummary: Gilda Radner joins Elliot Gould on stage to tell him that she had a nice time with him last night.


Try-Hard 1-11Summary: A battery strong enough to run a pacemaker all night.

Note: Repeat from 10/18/75.

Interior DemolitionistsSummary: A housewife (Jane Curtin) is startled when demolitionists (Elliot Gould, Chevy Chase) show up at her door and proceed to wreck the house from the inside.


Godfather Group TherapySummary: With help from his therapist (Elliot Gould), mafia kingpin Don Vito Coreleone (John Belushi) relates his problems to Sherry (Laraine Newman) and other members of his support group.

Recurring Characters: Sherry.


ShimmerSummary: It’s a floor wax and a dessert topping!


“Play Misty For Me”Summary: This week’s Gary Weis film shows a montage of lounge club pianists singing “Misty.”

Gilda & Elliot IISummary: Gilda Radner tells Elliot Gould that she meant everything she said to him last night.


Anne Murray performs “Long-Distance Call”Bio: Canadian singer Anne Murray (1945-) simultaneously maintained top ten hits on country and pop charts throughout the 70’s.

Weekend Update with Chevy ChaseSummary: A wrong number again leads Chevy Chase to Angelo’s Pizza instead of Angola Prison. Laraine Newman reports on toxic nerve gas. Chevy Chase and his wife (Michael O’Donaghue) argue at the desk. Chevy Chase repeats the top story in double-dutch for foreign viewers.


JamitolSummary: Chevy Chase and Michael O’Donaghue portray a married couple, whose lives have been enrichened by using the advertised product.

Note: Repeat from 10/11/75.

Killer BeesSummary: After hearing that killer bees are in the vicinity, a young couple (Chevy Chase, Gilda Radner) is taken hostage by them in their home. The killer bees are in search of pollen, dismayed that there is none to be found. As the leader (Elliot Gould) of the killer bees delivers a passionate speech, the camerawork begins to turn sloppy. A frantic Lorne Michaels, SNL’s producer, traces the problem to the control room, where director Dave Wilson has passed out while operating the controls under the influence.

Bio: A veteran of live television, director Dave Wilson (1932-2002) operated the Saturday Night Live control room until the end of the show’s 20th season in 1995.

Recurring Characters: Bees.

Note: Lorne Michaels appears on-camera for the first time.


Gilda & Elliot IIISummary: Gilda Radner introduces Elliot Gould to her mother (Paula Kahn), who flew in from Florida just to meet him.

Bio: Paula Kahn (1925-) is the mother of Madeline Kahn.


Albert Brooks FilmSummary: Albert Brooks attempts to find out how a test audience responds to his brand of comedy.


Gilda & Elliot IVSummary: Gilda Radner asks Elliot Gould to consider marriage.


The MuppetsSummary: Scred & Peuta hide their affair from Ploobis.


BirthrightSummary: Doctors (Dan Aykroyd, Elliot Gould) explain their preferred birthing methods to Jane Curtin.

Anne Murray perform “Boogie With You”

Powwow With The PressSummary: Indians (Al Franken, Tom Davis) discuss white stereotyping on talk show forum.

Bio: Writers Al Franken (1951-) and Tom Davis were the only two people hired to work on “Saturday Night Live” without first meeting Lorne Michaels. The longtime comedy partners wrote manymemorable sketches, appearing regularly in unbilled bit pieces before eventually joining the cast as featured players in the fifth season. Together, they wrote and starred in the theatrical flop, “One MoreSaturday Night.” Franken’s onscreen performances increased in the late 80’s/early 90’s, but he eventually left SNL in 1995 after his request to anchor Weekend Update was turned down.

GoodnightsSummary: Gilda Radner and Elliot Gould are married before the end credit roll.


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