SNL Transcripts: Elliot Gould: 01/10/76: Gilda & Elliot II

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  Season 1: Episode 9

75i: Elliot Gould / Anne Murray

Gilda & Elliot II

….. Elliot Gould
….. Gilda Radner

[ FADE IN on Elliot standing at home base ]

Elliott Gould: And now, it is my pleasure…

[ Gilda enters and interrupts Elliot ]

Gilda Radner: Elliot? Elliot? Um, who’s Lydia?

Elliot Gould: Who?

Gilda Radner: Lydia. I was just passing by your dressing room…

Elliot Gould: Oh, yeah. She’s an old friend, an old friend of mine.

Gilda Radner: She’s very pretty.

Elliot Gould: (trying to get off the subject) Yeah, right.

Gilda Radner: What does she do?

Elliot Gould: She used to be a model.

Gilda Radner: Oh. Do you like her?

Elliot Gould: Well, she’s an old friend and whenever I’m passing through New York I always try to see her.

Gilda Radner: Okay. Um, I just want you to know that I meant everything I said last night. And I know that you know that you meant everything you said last night.

Elliot Gould: Well…I don’t know if I said anything. (to camera) And now, Anne Murray.

Gilda Radner: Who’s Anne Murray?

[ The audience applauds, and Elliot starts explaining inaudibly to Gilda who Anne Murray is ]

Submitted by: Dan Pascoe

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