SNL Transcripts: Buck Henry: 01/17/76: Germasol

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  Season 1: Episode 10

75j: Buck Henry / Bill Withers, Toni Basil, The Blues Brothers


…..Gilda Radner
…..Jane Curtin
Judy…..Laraine Newman

[ open on housewife testimonial ]

Housewife: I thought I was going to DIE! It was MY turn to entertain the Bridge Club, when….

[ dissolve to flashback: Housewife answers the door to her friends who have arrived for their Bridge game ] [ greetings are made, as the women enter ]

Jane: [ sniffing the air ] She served liver and fried onions again last night.

Judy: It smells like an armpit.

[ Housewife stares at the camera with an apprehensive look on her face ]

Housewife: She was right.

Judy: Your home needs a deodorizer — QUICKLY!

Housewife: I’d like it to smell better, Judy, but lately I’ve been reading so much about the dangers of aerosol sprays, that I’m afraid.

Judy: Your worries are over — there’s something new.

[ Judy exits the house, then returns with a dolly carting a huge tube of Germasol ]

Judy: New Germasol Roll-On will get rid of embarrassing house odors.

[ dissolve to the two women standing by the curtains ]

Judy: Just once in the morning, and you’re house will smell GREAT!

[ Judy rolls Germasol up and down one of the curtains ]

Judy: And your walls will remain dry ALL DAY!

[ Judy rolls Germasol up and down the wall ]

Judy: And it kills bacteria without the hazards of aerosol.

[ Judy rolls Germasol across a desk ]

Housewife: [ smiling ] Judy! It smells better already!

Announcer: Germasol Roll-On. Now with three handy sizes: [ over images of houses ] Cape Cod… Colonial… and Condominium.

[ fade ]

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