SNL Transcripts: Peter Cook & Dudley Moore: 01/24/76: Goodnights


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 1: Episode 11

75k: Peter Cook & Dudley Moore / Neil Sedaka


…..Chevy Chase
…..Peter Cook
…..Dudley Moore

[ return from final bumper to Peter Cook and Dudley Moore standing with Chevy Chase behind the wooden crate with the bomb package at Home Base ]

Dudley Moore: For those of you who missed the front of the show, we’d like to reconstruct it for you — correctly.

[ Chevy takes out a pair of scissors from his bag and cuts the string on the box ]

Chevy Chase: This is a bomb.

Dudley Moore: Right.

Peter Cook: [ pointing with his lit cigarette ] Bomb!

[ from within the box, a hand rises slowly as it holds the cream pie steady ] [ Dudley Moore carefully takes the cream pie into his hand ]

Dudley Moore: Bomb.

[ with accurate precision, Dudley Moore balances the cream pie upright and pushes it into Chevy’s face ] [ the audience applauds wildly, as Peter Cook squooshes the cream pie farther into Chevy’s face ]

Dudley Moore: Thank you very much!

[ as Chevy removes the cream pie from his face, John Belushi emerges from beneath the crate ] [ Chevy shakes Peter Cook’s hand, then shoves the remnants of the cream pie into Peter Cook’s face; in kind, Peter pretends to suckerpunch Chevy and chase him across the stage ] [ as pieces of the cream pie continue to be tossed about, Dudley Moore, in long shot, inaudibly addresses the camera ]

Dudley Moore: — with Dick Cavett, with guest star Jimmy Cliff. [ he then whistles loudly, as an offscreen audience members tosses a leftover piece of cream pie at his back, then another piece near his rear end ] [ the credits begin to roll ]

Announcer: Jerry Nelson was Muppet Scred. Also in the cast: George Coe. Next week, our host will be Dick Cavett and guest Jimmy Cliff. This is Don Pardo saying, “Good night!”

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