SNL Transcripts: Peter Boyle: 02/14/76: Al Jarreau performs “Somebody’s Watching You”


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 1: Episode 13

75m: Peter Boyle / Al Jarreau

Al Jarreau performs “Somebody’s Watching You”

…..Garrett Morris
…..Al Jarreau

[ Garrett Morris stands with Gilda Radner ]

Garrett Morris: Everybody – here’s Al Jarreau!

[ Garrett and Gilda embrace one another, as we dissolve to Al Jarreau and his band ]

Al Jarreau:
[ scatting ]“Just a little bit funky down.

Pretty, pretty, pretty as a picture
Witty, witty, witty as you can be
Blind, ’cause your eyes see only glitter
Closed to the things that make you free.

Have you ever thought about a downfall
Girl, it happens at the end of every line
And just when you think you pulled a fast one
It happens to the foolish all the time.

Whoa, somebody watching you, yeah yeah
Somebody watching you, my goodness
Somebody watching you
Somebody’s watching you.

Games are to be played with toys, et cetera
Love is to be made when you’re for real
Ups and downs are caused by life in general
Some are yours no matter how you feel.

Shady as a lady in a moustache
Feelings camouflaged by groans and grins
Secrets have a special way about them
Moving to and fro among your friends.

Whoa, somebody, somewhere, watching you, girl
Somebody watching you
Somebody watching you
Somebody watching you.

[ scatting ]

So, live it up today, if you want to
Live it down tomorrow afternoon
Sunday school don’t make you cool forever
Neither does the silver of your spoon.

The nicer the nice, the higher the price
Well, this is what you pay for what you need
The higher the price, the nicer the nice
Jealous people love to see you bleed.

Whoa, somebody, somewhere, got their eyes on you
Somebody watching you
Somebody watching you, girl
Somebody watching you.

Well, I got my eyes on you whatever you do
I got my eyes on you whatever you do.

Now, when you’re walking to your car
You’re going near and far
When you’re going upstairs
You’re floating in the air
‘Cause you’re smoking that grass
Think you gonna pass.

[ scatting ]

Somebody watching you, girl
I got my eyes on you, I do
Gonna watch you, girl.”

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