SNL Transcripts: Desi Arnaz: 02/21/76: Desi Arnaz’s Monologue

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 1: Episode 14

75n: Desi Arnaz / Desi Arnaz, Jr.

Desi Arnaz’s Monologue

….. Desi Arnaz

Desi Arnaz: Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you. Oh, aren’t you nice, God bless you. It’s really a great pleasure for me to be hosting NBC’s Saturday Night. Not only cause it’s one of my favorite shows, but also because it is the first time I’ve been live since I was Cuban. Working with this group here, I haven’t had a week like this in a long, long time. I mean, it’s just great fun. And the players – you know, Es Que No Estan Listo Prime Time Yet – they’re wonderful. And don’t let them kid you, they’re ready for anything, these kids. And they’re so sweet, besides. You see, they knew that I like cigars. So the first day of rehearsal they got together and presented me with a box of cigars. I had never heard of the brand before: Acopolco Gold.

[ The audience laughs and applauds as Desi takes a drag off one of his “cigars” ]

Desi Arnaz: I haven’t smoked anything else since! And as soon as I pass it around, we’ll be right back.

[ As the camera pulls back and the audience applauds, Desi takes another puff from his Acopulco Gold and makes a wide-eyed “Reefer Madness” face ]

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