SNL Transcripts: Dyan Cannon: 05/15/76: Goodnights


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 1: Episode 20

75t: Dyan Cannon / Leon & Mary Russell


…..Dyan Cannon
…..Chevy Chase

Dyan Cannon: Nooo! It’s over with so quickly. But you know what? I want to thank everyone for really an incredible week. You guys have been so wonderful to work with, I mean that. And the writers, and the producer, I’ve never had ab etter time in my life. It was really a fabulous week. And, even if my dream didn’t come true – I mean, I’ve still got the night to go. I thought it was gonna be tonight, I thought tonight was gonna be the night. I mean, you know, everything else has come true, except for the guy coming out of the ocean, wet, on a white horse. I mean, you can’t have everything in life, I’ve had everything —

[ the closing theme music pots up, as a topless Chevy Chase on horseback crosses through the studio with a horse trainer leading the way ]

Dyan Cannon: [ laughing profusely ] Good night! Bye bye!

[ Dyan is pulled onto the back of th horse with Chevy ]

Chevy Chase: Good night!

[ Dyan wraps her arms around Chevy as they stroll back across the studio on horseback ] [ the other members of the cast stand at Home Base alone. Dan Aykroyd lifts Gilda Radner onto his back, and they follow Chevy and Dyan. Garrett Morris jumps onto John Belushi’s back, as they follow the others. Jane Curtin and Laraine Newman fold their arms, neither one about to jump on the back of the other. ] [ Chevy and Dyan cross back through the studio on horseback ] [ the other members of the cast are revealed to be standing off to the side of Home Base; Jane and Laraine join them as the horse passes ]

Don Pardo V/O: Next Saturday night, our host will be Buck Henry, with guest Gordon Lightfoot. This is Don Pardo saying, “Good night!” [ a beat, as he speaks in muffled tones ] I’ve been in broadcasting for – never mind for how many years! I have to go home and explain what this silly thing is about, it’s nonsense! Every week, I — What? We’re still on? [ chuckles ]

This is Harvey Horsefeather saying, “Good night!”

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