SNL Transcripts: Buck Henry: 05/22/76: Looks at Books


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 1: Episode 21

75u: Buck Henry / Gordon Lightfoot

Looks at Books

…..Jane Curtin
Henry T. Rudin…..Buck Henry

[ open on title card ] [ dissolve to Jane Curtin seated on set ]

Jane Curtin: Good evening, and welcome to “Looks at Books”. Tonight, our guest is a world-renowned sexologist, a man whose books and sex therapy clinics have helped thousands of couples overcome sexual problems. His new book is called “The Ultimate Expression”, and his name is Henry T. Rudin. Welcome!

Henry T. Rudin: Thank you.

Jane Curtin: Doctor Rudin, what exactly is your new book about?

Henry T. Rudin: It’s a book which explains what exactly takes place in our clinics, and how people can achieve the Ultimate Expression.

Jane Curtin: Well, what exactly does take place in your clinics?

Henry T. Rudin: Oh, it’s our aim to take couples who feel incompatible, speak to them, get to know everything there is to know about them, and treat them to the point where they can enjoyably, maturely, and without inhibition… uh… you know.

Jane Curtin: Do — uh — do what, without inhibition?

Henry T. Rudin: Oh! You see, a lot of inhibition are based upon ignorance, as well as repressed guilt, which is usually caused by a traumatic transition from one Freudian phase to another. Because of this, either or both partners are fixated, have a great deal of trouble when it comes to, uhhh… you know.

Jane Curtin: [ amused ] Trouble when it comes to what?

Henry T. Rudin: Well, it’s very sad that in an enlightened society such as ours, to see how many people, even highly educated ones, actually can’t deal with this completely beautiful and natural display of love, and how many potentially happy relationships go unfulfilled because of various problems when it comes down to, uh — uh — uh — you know.

Jane Curtin: You-you-you seem to be skirting the issue. Now, I have a problem. My husband and I come to you, you speak to us —

Henry T. Rudin: Absolutely.

Jane Curtin: After you speak to us, you what?

Henry T. Rudin: We put you alone in a room, where you, uh… you know.

Jane Curtin: [ laughing ] Are we undressed?

Henry T. Rudin: Yes, you are.

Jane Curtin: Then what happens?

Henry T. Rudin: Uh — well, uh — then, you start to encounter each other to the point where you eventually, uhhh… you know!

Jane Curtin: You come for therapy, you’re alone, you’re naked, no one’s around, you love each other, you start to show it.

Henry T. Rudin: Yes!

Jane Curtin: How do you show it?

Henry T. Rudin: Well, you’re alone! There’s all sorts of interplay, meaningful and romantic physical satisfaction.

Jane Curtin: At what point is this session over?

Henry T. Rudin: After you’ve, uh… you know!

Jane Curtin: To the point where you achieve the Ultimate Expression?

Henry T. Rudin: Right!

Jane Curtin: What is the Ultimate Expression?

Henry T. Rudin: You know.

Jane Curtin: No, I-I don’t know What is it?

[ Dr. Rudin squeezes his hands together, then subtly makes a circle with one hand and pushes a forefinger from his other hand through the hole ]

Jane Curtin: [ to the camera ] Please join us next week, when “Looks at Books” speaks to the author of “The Rabbi’s view of Art”, a study on circumcision and its effect on future statues. Good night.

[ dissolve to title card ] [ fade ]

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