SNL Transcripts: Buck Henry: 05/22/76: Peter Lemon Moodring


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 1: Episode 21

75u: Buck Henry / Gordon Lightfoot

Peter Lemon Moodring
..written by: Michael O’Donoghue

Announcer…..Michael O’Donoghue
Peter Lemon Moodring…..Chevy Chase

[ open on cocktail lounge singer Peter Lemon Moodring sitting on a stool, drinking a Scotch out of the same hand that holds a lit cigarette ] [ SUPER: “Peter Lemon Moodring” ]

Announcer: Peter Lemon Moodring. The ultimate love-rock experience.

Peter Lemon Moodring: [ singing ] “When Sunny gets blue-ue-ue..”

[ Peter’s face and hands turn a dark shade of blue as he sings ]

Announcer: Yes, when “Sunny Gets Blue”, Peter gets blue, too. A haunting, ultra-marine blue that reflects Peter’s intense inner thoughts on life. A life that is gay, exciting, and yet, sometimes, a little lonely.

[ Peter’s face and hands turn to a shade of yellow as he sings ]

Peter Lemon Moodring: [ singing ]“Tie a yellow ribbon ’round that ole oak tree-ee-ee
It’s the same oak tree-ee-ee –“

Announcer: But the mood brightens, and Peter turns a rich canary-yellow. He’s just happy to be working, and you’ll be happy watching him work.

[ Peter’s face and hands turn to a shade of tangerine as he sings ]

Peter Lemon Moodring: [ singing ] “Tang-er-iiiiiiine!”

Announcer: Turning the color of his favorite leisure suit, Peter imagines himself out on the town, a Broadway show, an intimate dinner for two, and all the sangria he can drink. Here’s looking at you, Peter.

[ Peter’s face and hands turn to a shade of ruby as he sings ]

Peter Lemon Moodring: [ singing ]“Rubyyyyyyy
Ruby, you’re such a dreeeeeeeam –“

Announcer: Curl up, get cozy as the mood mellows, and Peter glows like the embers of a dying fire. Warm, relaxed, sensual – he’s in touch with his emotions, and his emotions are sure to touch you.

[ Peter’s face and hands turn to black as he sings ]

Peter Lemon Moodring: [ singing ]“Black is black!
I want my baby back.
Black! Black!”

Announcer: It’s no use trying to hide your real feelings – not when you’re Peter Lemon Moodring, and you’ve lsot your baby. He’s one man who you can judge by the color of his skin.

[ Peter’s face and hands turn to the full colors of the rainbow as he sings ]

Peter Lemon Moodring: [ singing ]“Some-wherrrrrre, over the rainboooooow
Way up hiiiiiigh –“

Announcer: But the storm passes, as storms always do, and Peter bursts into a kaleidoscope of color, spanning the full spectrum of human emotions. Don’t leave yourcamera home, because he’s a sight you’ll want to share with your granchildren.

[ Peter’s face and hands turn to lines of red, white and blue as he sings ]

Peter Lemon Moodring: [ singing ] “Three cheers for the red, white and blue –“

Announcer: And three cheers for Peter Lemon Moodring, for a bicentennial salute that puts Old Glory herself to shame.

[ Peter’s face and hands turn to combined shades of red and gold as he sings ]

Peter Lemon Moodring: [ singing ]“The falling leeeeeaves
Drift past my window –“

Announcer: Peter Lemon Moodring. Coming soon to a cocktail lounge near you.

[ SUPER: “Peter Lemon Moodring” ]

Peter Lemon Moodring: [ singing ] “– leeeeeaves.. of red.. and gooooooooold.”

Announcer: Color him.. unforgettable.

[ Peter’s face and hands return to normal, as he places his cigarette in his mouth and smiles smugly at the camera ] [ dissolve to an audience member clapping. The camera zooms down, as the joke card appears late on the screen. ] [ SUPER: “Beautiful When Angry” ] [ too late – the camera is already halfway down to the Samurai Tailor sketch ]

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