SNL Transcripts: Louise Lasser: 07/24/76: Goodnights


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 1: Episode 23

75w: Louise Lasser / Preservation Hall Jazz Band


…..Louise Lasser

[FADE to Louise kneeling at home base and petting her dog Maggie with the cast assembled behind her.]

Louise Lasser: Thank you so much, and I, I would just like to say I thank Michael Saracen for being in my movie, and I’d like to thank the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, I’d like to thank Maggie here, and, and… [gestures to cast] Look at them.

[The Not Ready for Prime Time Players stand quietly several feet away. On the far right, John Belushi fidgets with some of the clothes from his earlier sketch and completely ignores Louise. Chevy is hidden behind Laraine, and Dan Aykroyd smokes a cigarette in the far back.]

Louise Lasser: What I can I tell you? Thank you, everyone, really, thank you. [The band goes into the closing theme as everyone but Maggie applauds. While the credits start to roll, Laraine claps Louise on the shoulders while John appears to be dickering over his clothes with nearby audience members. Louise manages to make a bit of small talk with Garrett and Gilda, then turns her full attention back to Maggie. Chevy and Dan shake a few audience members’ hands.]

Don Pardo: Next week’s host on “Saturday Night” will be Kris Kristofferson, with guest Rita Coolidge. The temperature in New York is 79.5 degrees. And in your announcer, Don Pardo, it’s 98.6. And they keep telling me I’m not normal. Tune in next week, or I’ll blow up in Chicago. Good night!

[ZOOM IN on a closeup of Laraine petting Maggie, who pants cheerfully in the spotlight. CUT to the usual long shot of home base and PAN over to the balcony, where almost everyone is clapping. Close to the camera, a young woman holds up a long sheet of sprocket-feed printer paper on which “HI J” is written. She and her date see themselves on the monitor and burst into laughter. FADE OUT.]

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