SNL Transcripts: Eric Idle: 10/02/76: Eric Idle’s Monologue


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 2: Episode 3

76c: Eric Idle / Joe Cocker, Stuff

Eric Idle’s Monologue

…..Eric Idle
…..Jane Curtin

[ open on Eric Idle perched a top a stool ]

Eric Idle: Hello, thank you. It’s very nice to be here. I’d like to sing a song, if I may, which I’ve just recorded in England.

[ yelling ]

“Here comes the sun!
Here comes the sun!
And I say, it’s alright!”

[ Jane Curtin interrupts ]

Jane Curtin: Eric? Eric?

Eric Idle: Yeah?

Jane Curtin: How would you like to take a little walk, and we’ll talk.

Eric Idle: Okay.. fine.. yeah.. You don’t like the song?

Jane Curtin: The song’s terrific. But you know, you’re new to American television. I enjoyed the “Hands Across The Water”, I mean, you’re being from England and everything –

Eric Idle: There’s a lot more to the song than –

Jane Curtin: Eric, Eric.. we do things very differently over here. For instance, we put a song like that – because it has so much meaning – at the end of the show.

Eric Idle: Oh? So I’ll do it at the end of the show?

Jane Curtin: Terrific!

Eric Idle: Save it up for the end of the show. Good idea. Okay. [ enters set of Genetics sketch, sits at his doctor character’s desk ] Sorry I’m early. The song’s being saved up for the end.

SNL Transcripts

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