SNL Transcripts: Dick Cavett: 11/13/76: Goodnights


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 2: Episode 7

76g: Dick Cavett / Ry Cooder


…..Dick Cavett

Dick Cavett: Say, this one of those moments that you dream about, or have nightmares about, because we were supposed to be WAY over. But we have about a minute-and-a-half to kill here, uh, and this is the traditional part of the show where the host says what a wonderful time he had. Uh — so I can say that very slowly, which would kill the time, or I could tell the truth and tell you what a rotten time I’ve had, playing the part of Elliott Gould here tonight. But, uh, that isn’t true, either. So, the fact is, this is one of the WITTIEST groups of people I’ve ever worked with. [ the audience applauds for an extended period of time ] That’s right. That isn’t helping, because we still have some time. Uh, I’ve got some stuff left over from The Big Event that I didn’t get on this weekend… [ he begins making a few quick hand shadows ] I could do some mroe hand shadows — let’s see, what else? Uh, say something. So I guess we’re just about out of time. Thank you, bless you, and, if you’re driving, why the hel are you watching television? I don’t know what we’re talking about! Are we out yet? No? Good night!

Announcer: Next Saturday night, our host will be Paul Simon, with a special remote appearance by George Harrison. Wasn’t he one of The Beatles, or something? I don’t know, they were looooong before my time! I only go back to The Modernaires! [ singing ] “I will never smile again / I smile at you…” This is Smilin’ Don Pardo saying, “Good Night!” [ he continues to sing until the fade-out ]

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