SNL Transcripts: Dick Cavett: 11/13/76: Mobile Shrink

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 2: Episode 7

76g: Dick Cavett / Ry Cooder

Mobile Shrink

Dr. Robert Liebman…..Chevy Chase
Female Patient…..Ann Risley
Cashier…..Laraine Newman
Construction Worker…..John Belushi

[ open on NBC promo jingle ]

Jingle: This Faaaaalll… NBC sends you All The Best!

[ iris into Mobile Shrink’s office, as a Female patient lies on his couch ]

Female Patient: — And, if I don’t call you, how am I gonna speak to you? Well, listen, I just don’t have any idea of why you want to speak to me.

Announcer: This Fall, NBC presents an exciting new medical drama. Dr. Robert Liebman, a new breed of analysts, gives up his comfortable office practice to fight depression, neuroses, and feelings of inadequacy, no matter where or when they strike.

[ Dr. Liebman casually exits his office in mid-analysis ] [ dissolve to Dr. Liebman’s car pulling up to a mailman on the street ]

Announcer: [ over SUPER: ] “Chevy Chase is… “Mobile Shrink”.

[ Dr. Liebman follows the mailman along his route, taking down notes in a notepad ]

Dr. Robert Liebman: Sorry I’m a little bit late this afternoon. How are you feeling today?

Mailman: Fine.

Dr. Robert Liebman: That’s good, I’m glad to hear it.

Announcer: With a beeper, compassion, and a notepad, he goes out into the streets to those who need help most — the over 5.3 million Americans who don’t seek proper mental health care.

[ dissolve to Dr. Liebman taking notes as he examines a Cashier working at the supermarket ]

Dr. Robert Liebman: — something bothering you today. You seem upset.

Cashier: Yeah, well, uh — I had that same nightmare dream, you know the one about that squishy snake?

Dr. Robert Liebman: Oh, yeah.

Cashier: [ to her customer ] Fifty-nine cents.

Announcer: “Mobile Shrink”. Boldly exploring the subconcious, breaking down defense mechanisms, restructuring anxieties, and reintegrating the behaviorial characteristics of the individual.

Cashier: [ picks up an avocado ] How much are the avocadoes?

[ dissolve to Dr. Liebman analyzing Tony as he flips dough at a pizzeria ]

Dr. Robert Liebman: Tony, it’s a simple Rorschach test. Tell me what you see on the card, whatever comes to your mind. [ he holds up a card ]

Tony: I see a rabbit.

Announcer: “Mobile Shrink”. Combining the wisdom of Freud, the clarity of Jung, and the human insight of Dr. Joyce Brothers.

[ Dr. Liebman holds up another card ]

Tony: Uh, let’s see — a bat.

Dr. Robert Liebman: What about the last one here? [ he holds up another card ] [ Tony flips the dough into the air, and it lands on the card ] [ dissolve to Dr. Liebman climbing down a mound of dirt to a construction worker with a jackhammer ]

Announcer: “Mobile Shrink”. He went outside… to help people go inside — inside themselves. Deeper than they’ve ever been before. Down into the depths of the psyche. Uprooting the basic fears that block their happiness.

Dr. Robert Liebman: Let’s get back to the separation of you and your parents! How old were you at the time?

Construction Worker: Uh — 27!

Dr. Robert Liebman: [ frowning ] What!

Construction Worker: 27!

Dr. Robert Liebman: How old were you?!

Construction Worker: When?!

Dr. Robert Liebman: When your parents separated! How old were you?!

Construction Worker: I was 4!

Dr. Robert Liebman: Okay! [ he makes a note in his notepad ] How do you feel? Any anxiety, any what?

Construction Worker: Anxious!

Dr. Robert Liebman: Anger?

Construction Worker: Anxious!

Dr. Robert Liebman: Let it out!

Construction Worker: ANXIOUS!!

Announcer: “Mobile Shrink”. Coming to NBC this Fall.

Jingle: All the best, from NBC!

[ fade ]

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