SNL Transcripts: Paul Simon: 11/20/76: Goodnights

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  Season 2: Episode 8

76h: Paul Simon / George Harrison


…Paul Simon

[open on Paul Simon standing on home base]

Paul Simon: Goodnight to everyone, a Happy Thanksgiving, and myspecial apologies to Michael O’Donoghue, he knows why.

[applause; the cast comes up to home base and surrounds Paul. JohnBelushi is dressed as a hippie and is carrying a guitar, and DanAykroyd is carrying an ax.]


Don Pardo: Next Saturday Night, our host will be Jodie Foster, with a special appearance by Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. You know, I’m an old beach boy myself. When the surf was up, so was I, but that’s another story, and so am I. This is Don Pardo hanging ten and saying, “Goodnight!” Wheeee!

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