SNL Transcripts: Jodie Foster: 11/27/76: What Kinda Guy Watches Saturday Night?


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 2: Episode 9

76i: Jodie Foster / Brian Wilson

What Kinda Guy Watches Saturday Night?

Steve Bushakis … John Belushi
Female Announcer … Laraine Newman

[Plant shop. With his back to the camera, the shop’scasually-dressed, “tough guy” owner, Steve Bushakis,waters his plants with a spray bottle.]

Female Announcer: What kind of guy watches NBC’sSaturday Night? Let’s ask Steve Bushakis of Chicago,Illinois.

Steve Bushakis: [stops spraying and turns to addressthe camera] I just started my own business. I guess Iwas just sick of takin’ orders from the other guy. Thebusiness? This plant shop. Ahhh, people kid me aboutplant shop owners bein’ gay — and I kid ’em rightback! You see, I’m so secure in my virility that I canjoke about homos. Let me tell you, though, I likewomen! And they like me. I’ve had gonorrhea fivetimes. There’s no double standard here! Uh uh. Themore promiscuous a girl, the more I respect her.[Superimposed text appears reading: NBC DOES NOT WISHTO ADVOCATE OR CONDONE SEXUAL PROMISCUITY] And when itcomes to entertainments, it’s raunchy, sophomorecomedy for me! That’s why I watch Saturday Night. Iguess you’d say … I’m that Saturday Night kind o’guy. [grabs a cigarette, lights up, raises his eyebrowto the camera]

Female Announcer: Women love a man who watchesSaturday Night.

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