SNL Transcripts: Jodie Foster: 11/27/76: Pilson’s Feed Bag Dinners

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  Season 2: Episode 9

76i: Jodie Foster / Brian Wilson

Pilson’s Feed Bag Dinners

…..Chevy Chase
Date…..Jacqueline Carlin

[ open on Chevy Chase exiting his house ]

Chevy Chase: Hi, I’m Chevy Chase! And if you’re skipping meals because you just can’t find the time to eat them, why not try a Pilson’s Feed Bag Dinner? You know, each Pilson’s Feed Bag Dinner has three scrumptious courses – soup, your choice of six exciting entrees, plus a yummy Apple Brown Betty. And it straps right on to your face.

[ enters his car ]

I’m fifteen minutes late for an important date right now, and I just haven’t got time to eat. [ straps on feed bag and begins to chow down ] Mmm-hmm. Tuna. Tastes great already!

[ jingle appears over cuts of various people strapping on their feed bags in unusual places – in the shower, digging a ditch, driving a cab, etc. ]

Jingle: “Eat lunch and run, everyone
Feed your face any place.
Tie one on any place.
With Pilson’s Feed Bag Dinners
you’ve got time to feed your face.”

[ cut to Chevy’s date entering his car ]

Date: Hi, honey! So where are we going to eat?

Chevy Chase: [ turns to face camera and laughs as he points to his feed bag ]

Jingle: Feed Bags, from Pilson’s.

[Audience shot. One guy has a Pilson’s Feedbag Dinner strapped on. His caption reads: NY STATE LOTTERY LOSER]

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