SNL Transcripts: Ralph Nader: 01/15/77: Ralph Nader’s Monologue


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  Season 2: Episode 11

76k: Ralph Nader / George Benson

Ralph Nader’s Monologue

… Ralph Nader

Don Pardo: Ladies and gentlemen, Ralph Nader!

Ralph Nader: [enters from the audience to stand athome base, acknowledges the applause, and puts on hiseyeglasses] I– Thank you very much, of course. I feela slight loss of innocence doing this show tonight.After all, this television studio’s in the RCABuilding in midtown Manhattan, the heart of CorporateAmerica. I had my doubts about working here. But Imust say that everybody here’s been very friendly andhelpful. To be honest, I didn’t really expect thismuch cooperation — especially since my researchgroups have been investigating the RCA corporation,which owns NBC, for a number of corporate abuses.

[Although his voice continues, Nader’s imagedisappears, replaced by a graphic that reads: NETWORKTROUBLE TEMPORARY]

We’re concerned about their hazardous workingconditions, alleged price fixing, bribes to foreignofficials and too much television violence.

[Nader’s image returns.]

I could go on and on but this is a night forentertainment, a night for fun! And I must say againthat the people here at NBC have treated mewonderfully. They’ve really been terrific consideringthe fact that we’ve just sued them for ten milliondollars for deceptive advertising.

[Abruptly, the image goes out of focus and the camerapans off Nader.]

In any case, we have a challenging show tonight andwe’ll be right back after this message.

[Camera pans back to a grinning Nader and returns tofocus as the audience applauds.]

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