SNL Transcripts: Broderick Crawford: 03/19/77

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  Season 2: Episode 16

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March 19th, 1977

Broderick Crawford

Levon Helm

Dr. John

The Meters


Linda Ronstadt

Dave Wilson

Jim Downey

Al Franken

Tom Davis
Goodbye SaccharineSummary: Rhonda Weiss (Gilda Radner) and the Rhondettes (Laraine Newman, Jane Curtin, Linda Ronstadt) perform.

Recurring Characters: Rhonda Weiss.



Broderick Crawford’s MonologueSummary: Broderick Crawford recalls his firing from NBC thirty-seven years earlier.


Samurai Hit ManSummary: The mob hires Futaba (John Belushi) to pose as a Benihana chef and perform a hit.

Recurring Characters: Futaba.


Broderick Crawford in New YorkSummary: Broderick Crawford revisits his old neighborhood, in a film by Gary Weis.

Mel’s Hide HeavenSummary: Mel (Dan Aykroyd) shows you how to make your own leather clothing from the cows he supplies.

Recurring Characters: Mel, Mrs. Mel.


Dr. John performs “Sing Sing Sing”

The New GuySummary: New cast member Bill Murray admits that he’s not very funny and wonders if he’s making it on the show.


Lucy’s New JobSummary: Lucy (Gilda Radner) is hired to put whipped cream on the tops of nuclear warheads coming down a speedy conveyor belt.

Recurring Characters: Lucille Ball.


Weekend Update with Jane CurtinSummary: Garrett Morris reports from the vacant Black Governor’s Convention. John Belushi explores the luck of the Irish via his trademark rant.


Puppy Uppers/Doggy DownersSummary: The right mix of uppers and downers keeps your dog peppy and under control.

Note: Repeat from 76g.

Highway PatrolSummary: Captain Matthews (Broderick Crawford) and a pair of Siamese priests (Bill Murray, John Belushi) avert a hostage situation between Siamese twin sisters (Laraine Newman, Jane Curtin).


Baba Wawa At LargeSummary: Baba Wawa (Gilda Radner) conducts an interview with Godzilla (John Belushi).

Recurring Characters: Barbara Walters.


Levon Helm performs “Ain’t That a Lot of Love”

The Huston PlanSummary: Richard Nixon (Dan Aykroyd) seeks support from J. Edgar Hoover (Broderick Crawford).

Recurring Characters: Richard Nixon, Julie Nixon.


The Meters perform “I Got To Get My Name Up In Lights”


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