SNL Transcripts: Mardi Gras Special: 02/20/77: President Carter at Mardi Gras


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  Season 2: Mardi Gras Special

Mardi Gras Special

President Carter at Mardi Gras

President Jimmy Carter…..Dan Aykroyd
Rosalyn Carter…..Laraine Newman

[ open on close-up of President Jimmy Carter ]

President Jimmy Carter: Good evening, everybody. I’d like, at this time, to say a few words about the state of the nation. Now, these are hard times for all of us – with a harsh, cold winter, and a permanent energy crisis, it’s gonna get worse and not better. [ smiles ] But I feel, as individual Americans, in this country, we should still try to have fun, in spite of all these problems. We must work hard, all of us – those of us who have work – and those of us who don’t, those of who don’t have work, must work hard to find it. Check the want ads. Don’t sleep in past noon. [ smiles ]

I’m fully committed to carry out my responsibilities as President. To carry on a program immediately, of natural energy conservation. And, when I travel, to carry my own garment bag. And, always, to carry my brother Billy when he’s unable to walk by himself. [ smiles ] But I don’t mind. I don’t mind. He ain’t heavy.. he’s my brother! [ smiles, blinks ] [ camera pulls back to reveal that Carter is sitting on the rear end of Andrew Jackson’s horse atop a statue in Jackson Square ]

Above all else, we must not yield to the emotional and spiritual depression qhich accompanies winter time. Now, Southerners avoid this type of seasonal depression by coming to the Mardi Gras in New Orleans. [ the crowd cheers ] And that’s why I’m here now, having a good time and trying to relax and party briefly — [ retrieves a can of beer hidden behind Jackson ] before going back to undertake my next phase of duties in Washington.

Voice of Rosalyn Carter: Jimmy? Jimmy, honey?

President Jimmy Carter: Excuse me. [ looks down below ] Yes, honey?

[ cut to Rosalyn Carter on the ground ]

Rosalyn Carter: Honey, you’ve been up there for two days. Come on down, I’m worried about you!

[ cut back to Jimmy ]

President Jimmy Carter: Okay! [ pulls out a sword from behind Jackson ] YEEEEEEE-HOO-HOO-HOO!!! Live, from Mardi Gras, it’s Saturday Night!

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