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  Season 3: Episode 5

77e: Ray Charles


… Ray Charles

[Home Base. Ray Charles seated at the grand pianosurrounded by the cast, the Raylettes, and originalmembers of his band.]

Ray Charles: You know, I – I – I’m so glad. I–They – They just told me that – that, uh, we’ve got awhole minute left, you know. That’s – That’shighly unusual for this show. But, this is straightahead. Before we – we get too lost here, everybodythat’s around me, I really want to say, uh, truly, uh,thanks to all of you, people. And, uh – and, uh -would you all just say a nice, uh, “thank you and goodnight” and then what I want to do is – is just sortof, uh, get into, uh– C-Can we just close with a -with a little somethin’ a little more lively than theband and just let them sort of follow us, like, uh…[plays a funky uptempo rhythm on the piano and scatsalong, soon the band joins in and everyone claps tothe beat, credits roll – Brother Ray sings:] Hereon Saturday night, Saturday night …

Don Pardo V/O: Mr. Mike is played by MichaelO’Donoghue. Next Saturday night, our host will be BuckHenry with musical guest Leon Redbone and the fivefinalists in the “Anyone Can Host” contest. Boy, Ihope they don’t have an “Anyone Can Announce” contest.Nah! They wouldn’t do that to me. This is Don Pardosaying good night … anyone!

Ray Charles: [sings]Wanna have a little fun, y’all
On Saturday night
That’s where it all begun, y’all
On Saturday night
Tell me! Whatcha gonna do …?

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