SNL Transcripts: Mary Kay Place: 12/10/77: Goodnights

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  Season 3: Episode 7

77g: Mary Kay Place / Willie Nelson


…..Mary Kay Place

Mary Kay Place: I’ve had a GREAT time tonight, and I want to thank “Saturday Night Live” for having me here. I want to thank Willie Nelson and Andy Kaufman, and, of course, the Not Ready for Prime Time Players! [ to the audience ] Did y’all have a good time? [ the audience cheers, as the cast joins Place on stage ] Thank you for coming!

Announcer: Next Saturday night, our Emcee will be the winner of “Saturday Night Live”‘s Anyone Can Emcee contest, and our musical guest will be The Sex Pistols. Until then, this your friendly neighborhood announcer, Don Pardo, saying, good night.

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