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  Season 3: Episode 17

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April 15th, 1978

Michael Sarrazin

Keith Jarrett




Anne Beatts

Rosie Shuster

Tom Davis

Jim Downey

Brian Doyle-Murray

Mitchell Laurance

Andy Murphy

Alan Zweibel
The President’s Message on InflationSummary: In an effort to cut down on inflation, President Jimmy Carter (Dan Aykroyd) urges Americans to burn 8% of their savings.

Recurring Characters: President Jimmy Carter, Amy Carter.



Michael Sarrazin’s MonologueSummary: Michael Sarrazin is nervous about hosting the show on the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.


Angora BouquetSummary: The soap so pure that it can wash a housewife’s (Jane Curtin) mind.

Note: Repeat from: 77c.

Josh Ramsey: V.D. CaseworkerSummary: Josh Ramsey (Michael Sarrazin) is on the case when high school student Susie (Laraine Newman) thinks she may have venereal disease but is afraid to let her boyfriend Johnny (Bill Murray) find out.


Keith Jarrett performs “Country”

The Hate Jennifer ShowSummary: Alone in her family’s living room, Judy Miller (Gilda Radner) hosts a show about how much she hates her sister Jennifer.

Recurring Characters: Judy Miller.

Weekend Update with Jane Curtin & Dan AykroydSummary: Bill Murray interviews “American Hot Wax” star Laraine Newman. Point-Counterpoint. Roseanne Roseannadanna (Gilda Radner).

Recurring Characters: Roseanne Roseannadanna.

Penalty BoxSummary:

E. Buzz Miller’s Exercise WorldSummary: E. Buzz Miller (Dan Aykroyd) spots Christy Christina (Laraine Newman) as she performs a number of naughty exercise routines.

Recurring Characters: E. Buzz Miller, Christy Christina.

Keith Jarrett performs “My Song”

Schiller’s Reel: La Dolce GildaSummary: In a film by Tom Schiller, Gilda Radner’s life at an SNL after-party takes on a Fellini-esque quality.




Gravity performs “Tuba City Gitback”


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