SNL Transcripts: Steve Martin: 04/22/78: Dancing In The Dark


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 3: Episode 18

77r: Steve Martin / The Blues Brothers

Dancing In The Dark

Man…..Steve Martin
Woman…..Gilda Radner

[ open on a disco bar, people dancing and having fun ] [ slow pan to Man sitting at bar alone lighting a cigarette, his eyes happento gaze on Her – Woman sitting at a table with two friends, who turns tonotice Him looking at her. He gets up, suave, reaches for her, as timestands still around them. He drops his cigarette to the floor, and togetherthey crush it with their feet, the moment beginning. ] [ He takes her hand, and they dance straight across the floor. He runsahead, she follows behind, as he takes her hand and spins her in a circle.One foot in front of the other, they dance further across the room, thenseparate hands and throw them wildly in the air as they continue to dance,straight out of the scene and amongst the audience. He grabs her, and dipsher. They sit on the apron of the stage for a second, then she gets up anddances through the audience to the top of the stage they just sat below. Hefollows her atop the stage, retreats, then runs back up as she jumps intohis arm and he spins her around three times. They rub their backs on oneanother, then twist around, grab hands, stretch out and spin three moretimes. She falls into his chest, as he drags her to the back of the stage.He then grabs her raised leg and spins her around twice. They dart towardeach end of the stage, then he jumps down the steps so she can jump into hisarms. ] [ Maniacally now, he carries her to her table and drops her back intoher chair. Then, as if nothing had happened between them, he returns to hisbar stool and lights another cigarette, as time returns to an animated state, and they remain strangers in the night. ]

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