SNL Transcripts: Frank Zappa: 10/21/78: Goodnights

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  Season 4: Episode 3

78c: Frank Zappa


…..Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa: Well. We’ve come to the, uh, end of our show tonight, ladies and gentlemen. And, actually — [ Laraine Newman comes running up on stage, dressed as Sunshine ] Ohh! It’s so nice to see you! [ Dan Aykroyd joins her, dressed as Jason ] Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like — friends of Chevy Chase, Inc.

Dan Aykroyd: Just acting calm, man!

Frank Zappa: Crash up here — I used to sleep here. [ the rest of the cast arrives on stage ] Everybody else! [ he shakes each cast member’s hand as they arrive ] Good night. Good night. Good night. Good night. Good night. [ Father Guido Sarducci climbs on stage ] Good night. [ Franken and Davis climb on stage ] Good night. Good night. [ he peers into the audience ] Aw, come on! Good night!

[ the credits begin to roll ]

Announcer: Join us November 4th, when Steve Martin returns to “Saturday Night Live”, with special guest Van Morrison. This is your old announcer, Don Pardo, saying: “Good night!”

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