SNL Transcripts: Steve Martin: 11/04/78: Elvis Presley’s Coat

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  Season 4: Episode 4

78d: Steve Martin / Van Morrison

Elvis Presley’s Coat

Black Woman…..Yvonne Hudson

[ Music Open: “Love Me Tender” ]

Announcer: The New Jersey Civic Colisseum is proud to present… appearing live for a limited engagement… Elvis Presley’s Coat!

[ music segues to “Hound Dog” ]

Announcer: Hear the hits of the King, and see the Coat that made him famous.

[ flash shots of the Coat performing “Jailhouse Rock” to a packed crowd ]

Group of Girls: [ being interviewed outside ] It’s sexy! It’s very sexy!

[ Coat shakes while performing “All Shook Up” ]

Old Woman: It’s simply mind-boggling!

Hippie: Uncanny.

Woman: It’s visual.

Man: It was remarkable, I’m gonna have to bring the kids!

Announcer: Said one critic, “It was the closest thing to Elvis himself.”

[ wearing a lei, the Coat performs “Blue Hawaii” ]

Old Man: Wow! The lights!

Second Woman: The sound.

Second Man: I think I’ve seen all of the imitation Coat shows.. but they don’t compare to the real thing.

Announcer: The King may be dead, but the Coat lives on. Engagement begins Tuesday, November 7th.

New Jersey Civic Coliseum
Tickets Available at Box Office” ]

Black Woman: It’s a trip! You really have to see it.

[ fade ]

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