SNL Transcripts: Steve Martin: 11/04/78: The Nerds In The Hospital


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 4: Episode 4

78d: Steve Martin / Van Morrison

The Nerds In The Hospital

Grant Robinson…..Garrett Morris
Lisa Loopner…..Gilda Radner
Todd DiLamuca…..Bill Murray
Charles Knerlman…..Steve Martin
Enid Loopner…..Jane Curtin
Nurse…..Garrett Morris

[ open on interior, Hospital – a knock at the door, as Grant Robinson enters ]

Grant Robinson: Hello? Hello? Lisa?

Lisa Loopner: Coming!!

[ a toilet flushes offscreen, then Lisa enters from the bathroom ]

Lisa Loopner: Hi!

Grant Robinson: Hi. You remember me? I met you at the Science Fair?

Lisa Loopner: Oh, that’s right! You had the booth, “Fun With Friction”!

Grant Robinson: Yeah.

Lisa Loopner: Well, it’s really nice of you to come and visit me at the hospital, considering I can’t even remember your name.

Grant Robinson: Oh! I’m… Grant Robinson, Jr., from High Temple High. My mother works here at the hospital. My books are out there. I come to do my homework here.

Lisa Loopner: Oh! Thanks, Grant!

[ Mrs. Loopner enters the room ]

Mrs. Loopner: Hi, Lisa!

Lisa Loopner: Hi, Mom! [ she climbs into bed ]

Mrs. Loopner: [ looking at Grant ] Oh, Lisa — why don’t you introduce me to your nice, young, Negro friend?

Grant Robinson: Uh, uh — I’m Grant Robinson, Jr., ?? High. Uh, my mother works in the hospital.

Mrs. Loopner: [ she laughs ] Doesn’t Lisa look well?

Grant Robinson: Uhh — what’s she got?

Lisa Loopner: Oh, it’s just a stupid deviated septum! They’re gonna operate on me tomorrow! They just need to move this little bit of cartilege in my nose!

Grant Robinson: Oh, would it, uh, change the way you speak?

Lisa Loopner: I hope not!

Grant Robinson: Well, uh — you wouldn’t want to buy any chocolate to support our baseball team, the Blue Devils, would you?

Lisa Loopner: Uhhh — no thanks, Grant!

Grant Robinson: I didn’t think so! Uh, well — gotta go. See ya!

[ Grant exits the room ]

Lisa Loopner: Bye!

Mrs. Loopner: Lisa? Will you be all right alone for a minute? I just want to get a cup of that delicious hospital cafeteria coffee!

Lisa Loopner: Sure, Mom! I’ll see you later!

[ Mrs. Loopner exits the room ] [ Lisa sits on the hospital bed blowing her nose, as Todd enters with his eyes covered ]

Todd DiLamuca: Guess who?

Lisa Loopner: Oh! Um.. John Travolta?

Todd DiLamuca: Oh, you’re getting warm..

Lisa Loopner: Oh, Paul Michael Glazer?

Todd DiLamuca: Oh you’re boiling hot now!

Lisa Loopner: Oh I know.. Mork!

Todd DiLamuca: The poor child is delirious, she no longer recognizes the velvet touch of the always fabulous, never less than sensational Todd DiLamuca!

Lisa Loopner: Oh. Hi, Todd.

Todd DiLamuca: How are you feeling, Lisa?

Lisa Loopner: Oh, I’m feeling fine.

Todd DiLamuca: Go on, ask me how I’m feeling.

Lisa Loopner: Okay, how are you feeling?

Todd DiLamuca: [ grabs Lisa’s chest ] With my hands!

Lisa Loopner: Cut it out, cut it out!

Todd DiLamuca: Oh, my God, you’ve had your busts removed! If that’s your hope chest, keep hoping, Lisa.

Lisa Loopner: Oh, that’s so funny I forgot to laugh!

Todd DiLamuca: Oh, oh, here comes the noogie ambulance! [ starts to pound Lisa’s head ] Here’s those special get well noogies – don’t worry, my dear, these have all been sterilized! What a tragedy!

Lisa Loopner: [ hits Todd with pillow ] Cut it out, Pizzaface!

[ the door knocks, Charles Knerlman enters ]

Lisa Loopner: Come in.. whoa.. [ lies down and begins to look ill ]

Todd DiLamuca: Oh no, its Chaz “The Spaz” Knerlman!

Charles Knerlman: How’s it hanging, Pizzaface?

Todd DiLamuca: Wouldn’t you like to know.

Charles Knerlman: Why don’t you put an egg in your shoe, and beat it! Lisa, I would’ve been here sooner, but I was out buying these expensive gifts – these flowers, these expensive chocolates, and this record, “Marvin Hamlish Does it to Marvin Hamlish”.

Lisa Loopner: Oh, thank you, Charles. This is the happiest day of my life.. [ begins to feel sorry for herself] ..and even if it is cut tragically short by illness..

Charles Knerlman: And here’s a greeting card I thoughtfully made you with my own two hands.

Lisa Loopner: [ reads card out loud ] “Dear Lisa, to a great gal with a deviated septum, she won a friend and always kept ’em, finest regards from that friend, Charles Knerlman.”

Charles Knerlman: President of the Science Club!

[ Todd pretends to be sick ]

Lisa Loopner: Oh, it’s beautiful, Charles!

Todd DiLamuca: Oh, Lisa, I forgot to give you my gift. Here’s a buck, I forgot to wrap it!

Lisa Loopner: [ sarcastically ] Gee, thanks, Todd!

Charles Knerlman: So, how are you, Lisa?

Lisa Loopner: Well, the doctors don’t know for sure, but don’t worry, I believe in reincarnation!

Charles Knerlman: Oh, you’re so brave, Lisa. You remind me of me!

Lisa Loopner: Oh, Charles, how is our school? I so miss learning!

Charles Knerlman: Don’t worry, Lisa, ’cause I considerately brought you all you homework assignments for the next two weeks in advance.

Todd DiLamuca: Wait a minute.. I thought I was bringing you your homework! But I guess you wont be needing it, now you’re getting it somewhere else!

Lisa Loopner: It’s not what you think, Todd!

Charles Knerlman: Anyways, it’s none of your beeswax!

Todd DiLamuca: Why don’t you shut up, Spazalopolis! Shame on you, Lisa, taking homework from two guys and never letting either one know where it’s really at!

Lisa Loopner: [ dramatic ] Oh, Charles, would you help me sit up? I would like to see the sunset for one last time.

Charles Knerlman: Certainly!

Todd DiLamuca: I’ll do that! [ grabs the end of the bed ]

Charles Knerlman: I got it! [ plays with the remote ]

Lisa Loopner: Aggghhh! Watch it, Todd! [ she becomes trapped between the bending mattress ]

Todd DiLamuca: I have it, Knerlman!

Lisa Loopner: Stop it!

Charles Knerlman: I got it, I got it! [ stops and takes Todd’s pencil pocket protector ]

Todd DiLamuca: Hey, give me back that pencil pocket protector!

Charles Knerlman: [ stabs it with his pencil ] Here’s what I think of your stupid, dumb pocket protector, you stupid, dumb nerd! [ takes a pencil and tries to snap it, Todd snatches it and snaps it for him ]

Todd DiLamuca: Well, I see you don’t play by the rules, Knerlman. Well, neither do I! Say.. what’s that? [ points at his vest ]

Charles Knerlman: What’s what?

Todd DiLamuca: Ha! [ grabs his vest and pulls it over his head, then throws him onto the bed with Lisa and jumps on them ]

Hee ya! Hee ya!!

Lisa Loopner: Stop it, Todd!

[ Todd continues, as Mrs. Loopner enters ]

Mrs. Loopner: Hi, kids! ..oohhhh! [ Todd and Charles jump up ]

Todd & Charles: Hell-o, Mrs. Loop-ner..

Mrs. Loopner: Forty lashes with a wet noodle for you two young men. [ fixes the bed ]

Lisa Loopner: Thanks, Mom!

[ Nurse Robinson enters ]

Nurse: Well, visiting hours are over, you’re going to have to leave now, its time to go.

Charles Knerlman: Good luck with the operation tomorrow, Lisa.

Lisa Loopner: Thank you, Charles!

Todd DiLamuca: Yeah, I sincerely hope that the doctors hand doesn’t slip and you end up with a deviated face!

Lisa Loopner: Well, if I die, I’m donating my organs to science and my skin to you, Pizzaface! [ flicks his face ]

Charles Knerlman: Goodnight, ladies.. and boys! [ Todd chases him out ]

Mrs. Loopner: Now, Lisa, get some sleep and don’t be scared. When you wake up, I’ll be in the recovery room with bells on.

Lisa Loopner: I’m not scared, Mom. [ hugs her, then Mrs. Loopner exits ] Hey, are you Mrs. Robinson?

Nurse: Yes, Honey.

Lisa Loopner: I know your son Grant. He’s somewhere in the building.

Nurse: I know you do, dear. Now, get some sleep. You have a big day ahead of you!

Lisa Loopner: Goodnight, Mrs. Robinson.

Nurse: Goodnight, dear. [ exits and turns out the light ] [ Lisa waits until she leaves, then gets up and switches on the light and gets her teddy bear. She hops into bed, breathing heavily, and goes to sleep ] [ camera pulls back, with SUPER: “did you know… That Billy the Kid’s real name was William the Youth” ] [ fade out to black ]

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