SNL Transcripts: Buck Henry: 11/11/78

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  Season 4: Episode 5

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November 11th, 1978

Buck Henry

The Grateful Dead



Brian Doyle-Murray

Alan Zweibel

Paul Shaffer

Anne Beatts

Andy Murphy

Jim Downey

Tom Schiller
Hunkler HeadquartersSummary: While giving his concession speech, candidate Dennis V. Hunkler (Bill Murray) makes it clear that he’s well-aware of his campaign mistakes.



Buck Henry’s MonologueSummary: Boring Buck Henry is replaced by “Star Wars” previews as he rambles on and on.

Also Hosted: 75j, 75j, 75u, 76f, 76v, 77f, 77t, 78t, 79d, 79t.


Rovco Chinch RanchSummary: Rovco spokesman (Dan Aykroyd) shows how to grow and handle your own fur.


Samurai OptometristSummary: Mr. Dantley (Henry) seeks a new pair of tortoise-shell reading glasses from Futaba (John Belushi).

Recurring Characters: Futaba, Mr. Dantley.


Uncle RoySummary: While parents Arthur (Dan Aykroyd) and Betty (Jane Curtin) go out to see “Foul Play”, starring Chevy Chase, babysitter Uncle Roy (Buck Henry) keeps a lascivious eye on Terri (Laraine Newman) and Tracy (Gilda Radner).

Recurring Characters: Uncle Roy, Arthur, Betty, Terri, Tracy.


The Grateful Dead performs “Casey Jones”Also Performed: 79o.

Weekend Update with Jane Curtin & Bill MurraySummary: Bill Murray interviews a choking Elizabeth Taylor (John Belushi). Jane Curtin and Dan Aykroyd perform a Point-Counterpoint debate on the Shah Pahlavi.

Recurring Characters: Elizabeth Taylor.


Great PerformancesRecurring Characters: Jean Marsh.

Nick on the Strip NorthSummary: Nick “Sands” (Bill Murray) does his lounge act in a bar near Las Vegas.

Recurring Characters: Nick the Lounge Singer, Jimmy Joe Red Sky.


More Flu To Worry AboutSummary: Joan Face (Jane Curtin) welcomes guest Dr. Ike Badenza (Buck Henry), who profiles the Australian Flu.

Recurring Characters: Joan Face.


The Grateful Dead performs “I Need a Miracle” & “Good Lovin'”

St. Mickey’s Knights of ColumbusSummary: Chico Escuela (Garrett Morris) is a special guest at St. Mickey’s Knights of Columbus meeting.

Recurring Characters: Frank Leary, Jack Neehauser, Francis Jacko Leary, Jr., Chico Escuela.


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