SNL Transcripts: Carrie Fisher: 11/18/78

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  Season 4: Episode 6

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November 18th, 1978

Carrie Fisher

The Blues Brothers

Don Novello

Tom Davis

Al Franken

Alan Zweibel

Brian Doyle-Murray
The Blues Brothers perform “Soul Man”Recurring Characters: Elwood Blues, Jake Blues.



Carrie Fisher’s MonologueSummary: Dressed as Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher attempts to tell a joke advised by Obi-Wan Kinobi (Dan Aykroyd).


Beach Blanket Bimbo From Outer SpaceSummary: Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) wants to fit in with Frankie Avalon (Bill Murray) and Annette Funicello (Gilda Radner) at the beach.

Recurring Characters: Annette Funicello, Vincent Price.


The Loud FamilySummary: Family members (Bill Murray, Jane Curtin, Gilda Radner, Carrie Fisher) are loud.


Mercy KillersTranscript

Weekend Update with Jane Curtin & Bill MurrayRecurring Characters: Father Guido Sarducci, Roseanne Roseannadanna.


The Blues Brothers perform “Got Everything I Need, Almost” & “B Movie Boxcar Blues”Recurring Characters: Elwood Blues, Jake Blues.

Mr. Bill Goes FishingSummary: Mr. Hands helps Mr. Bill catch a whale.


TomorrowSummary: Tom Snyder (Dan Aykroyd) is uncomfortable while interviewing Linda Blair (Carrie Fisher).

Recurring Characters: Tom Snyder, Linda Blair.


Marseilles, 1978Summary: Brandy the Barfly (Carrie Fisher) sells mutual funds to a Marine (Bill Murray).


Bad Red Chinese BalletRecurring Characters: Leonard Pinth-Garnell, Ronnie Bateman.

Schiller’s ReelSummary: In Tom Schiller’s “Roman Holiday”, a woman’s holiday moves forward as planned, despite the death of her husband.


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