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  Season 4: Episode 7

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December 2nd, 1978

Walter Matthau



Tom Davis

George Coe

Don Novello

Brian Doyle-Murray

Rosie Shuster

Alan Zweibel
Programming IdeasSummary: Fred Silverman (John Belushi) wonders how his poorly-developed programming ideas have failed on NBC’s programming schedule.

Recurring Characters: Fred Silverman.



Walter Matthau’s MonologueSummary: A humble Walter Matthau tells the audience about his week with the cast.

Super Epoxy-DentSummary: The dental adhesive strong enough to pull you on a helicopter by your teeth.


The Bad News BeesSummary: Coach Buttermaker (Walter Matthau) gives the bees on his team a pep talk after Alan (John Belushi) buzzes off.

Recurring Characters: Bees.


Olympia CafeSummary: A Coca-Cola salesman (Walter Matthau) talks dim-witted Nico (Bill Murray) into switching the Olympia cafe over from Pepsi.

Recurring Characters: Pete Dionasopolis, George Dionasopolis, Sandy Dionasopolis, Niko Dionasopolis, Mike Dionasopolis.


Daughter’s Old Bed

Weekend Update with Jane Curtin & Bill MurraySummary: Laraine Newman reports on the death of a slain gay leader in Chinatown. John Belushi rants about holiday depression.

Nixon’s ComebackSummary: Richard Nixon (Dan Aykroyd) seeks the help of a conspirator (Walter Matthau) in an attempt to make a political return.

Recurring Characters: Richard Nixon, Pat Nixon, Julie Eisenhower, David Eisenhower.

Woman to WomanSummary: Connie Carson (Gilda Radner) interviews teen model Vanessa Lake (Laraine Newman).

Recurring Characters: Connie Carson.

Garrett Morris performs “Dalla Sua Pace”Summary: At Walter Matthau’s insistence, Garrett performs “Dalla Sua Pace” from Don Giovanni.

Government Surplus StoreSummary: The owner of a government surplus store (Walter Matthau) tries to comfort a young customer (Larane Newman) after she returns some unneeded canteens.

Recurring Characters: Vesna Shegula.

Network Battle of the T’s & A’sNote: Repeat from 10/07/78.

Mr. Bill is LateSummary: Spot is burnt to a crisp before Mr. Bill is ready to do the show.



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