SNL Transcripts: Walter Matthau: 12/02/78: Epoxy-Dent

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 4: Episode 7

78g: Walter Matthau


Niece…..Laraine Newman
Spokesman…..George Coe

[ open on family sitting around during an outdoor picnic, as Yncle Ned tells a joke ]

Uncle Ned: ..The bartender takes one look at this thing, and says, “Where does a 500 lb. gorilla sleep?” [ laughs ] “Anywhere he –“

[ suddenly, Uncle Ned’s false teeth slip out, and bounce across the picnic table ]

Niece: Uncle Ned! That’s disgusting!

Spokesman: Attention denture wearers – no longer do you have to suffer from embarrassing denture slippage. Now there’s Epoxy-Dent, the strongest denture cream permitted by law.

Simply apply Epoxy-Dent like any other denture adhesive, and you’ll never have to worry about denture slippage again.

And to prove it, we’re here in Bolmer, Long Island to ask denture wearer Ned Morris to take the Epoxy-Dent Chopper Test!

[ helicopter flies over, as Uncle Ned chomps on a wood bar attached to the uncarriage of the helicopter ] [ show Uncle Ned flying through the air, hanging from underneath the helicopter ]

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