SNL Transcripts: Maureen Stapleton: 05/19/79

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 4: Episode 19

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May 19th, 1979

Maureen Stapleton

Linda Ronstadt

Phoebe Snow



Paul Shaffer

Tom Davis

Andy Murphy
Telepsychic RayRecurring Characters: Telepsychic Ray.



Maureen Stapleton’s Monologue

The Navy AdventureSummary: It’s more than a job – it’s a small handful of money each week.

Note: Repeat from 78o.

Houseguest Idi AminRecurring Characters: Idi Amin.

Linda Ronstadt & Phoebe Snow perform “It’s In His Kiss”Also Performed:

Also Performed:

Roach Brothel

Mom’s BirthdayTranscript

Weekend Update with Jane Curtin & Bill Murray

Nick at TransEasternRecurring Characters: Nick the Lounge Singer.

Black PerspectiveRecurring Characters: Rosa Santangelo, Vesna Shegula.

Veterans Of Foreign HairdosRecurring Characters: Dolly Parton.

Linda Ronstadt & Phoebe Snow perform “The Married Men”

Mary’s CandiesRecurring Characters: Floyd Hunger, Kevin, Ron, Jenny Rocker.


The Mr. Bill Show


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