SNL Transcripts: Richard Benjamin & Paula Prentiss: 04/05/80


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March 8th, 1980

Richard Benjamin & Paula Prentiss

Grateful Dead


  • ABC News

    Frank Reynolds (Harry Shearer) reports on President Carter as White House hostage.

    Recurring Characters: Frank Reynolds.

  • Richard Benjamin & Paula Prentiss’ Monologue

    Richard is upset that he was cut from the cold opening.

  • Little Girls’ Fantasy

  • Grateful Dead performs “Alabama Getaway”

  • Paranoid Guilt

    Married man (Richard) frets over affair with mistress (Laraine Newman).

  • Weekend Update with Jane Curtin & Bill Murray

    Al Franken explains how he avoids having to pay taxes.

    Recurring Characters: Big Vic Ricker.

  • Assertiveness Training

    Instructor (Paula) teaches women to be more assertive.

    Recurring Characters: Iris de Flaminio, Bobbi Farber, Christy Christina.

  • Khomeini the Magnificent

  • Joey Bishop Fans

    Neighbors experience doldrums until they realize they all idolize Joey Bishop.

  • Grateful Dead performs “Saint of Circumstances”

  • “Mr. Bill Strikes Back”

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    Author: Don Roy King

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