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  Season 5: Episode 20

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May 24th, 1980

Buck Henry

Andrew Gold

Andrae Crouch & Voices of Unity


Liz Welch

Lee Mayman

Robin Shlien

Don Pardo

Matt Neuman

Walter Williams

Yvonne Hudson

Anne Beatts

Sarah Paley

Alan Zweibel

Richard Belzer

Andy Murphy

Akira Yoshimura
ABC NewsSummary: An eager Frank Reynolds (Harry Shearer) makes an advance announcement that Ronald Reagan and President Jimmy Carter will secure their parties’ nominations for this year’s presidential election.

Recurring Characters: Frank Reynolds, George Bush, Ted Kennedy.



Buck Henry’s MonologueSummary: Buck Henry introduces the soon-to-be-famous members of “SNL”‘s sixth season.


Lord & Lady DouchebagSummary: Lord (Buck Henry) and Lady Douchebag (Gilda Radner) are among the distinguished guests at a noble gathering at Salisbury Manor.


Cow Minder’s DaughterSummary: Cow minder’s (Buck Henry) daughter Govinda Lynn (Laraine Newman) leaves the family cow pasture to become a famous country-Indian singer in the Far East.

Andrew Gold performs “Kiss This One Goodbye”

Weekend Update with Jane Curtin & Bill MurraySummary: Jack Perkins (Harry Shearer) reports on the wide-eyed Walter Keane art exhibit that’s sweeping the nation. Chico Escuela (Garrett Morris). Roseanne Roseannadanna (Gilda Radner).

Recurring Characters: Chico Escuela, Roseanne Roseannadanna.

Uncle RoySummary: While babysitting, Uncle Roy (Buck Henry) plays Glass-Bottom Boat with Terri (Laraine Newman) andTracy (Gilda Radner).

Recurring Characters: Uncle Roy, Terri, Tracy.


Trader Nick’sSummary: Nick “Lava” (Bill Murray) runs a Hawaiian-themed bar outside of Niagara Falls and sings to a displaced couple (Buck Henry, Laraine Newman) from Love Canal and a rowdy group of teenagers celebrating their prom.

Recurring Characters: Nick the Lounge Singer, Iris de Flaminio.


Week in ReviewSummary: Hugh Gaffney (Buck Henry) of the New York Times is annoyed when he finds himself participating alongside a panel of tabloid journalists.


Mommy BeerSummary:

Andrae Crouch & Voices of Unity perform “Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus”


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