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November 15th, 1980

Elliot Gould

Kid Creole & The Coconuts


Elliot & Gail & Charles & Ann & Joe & Gilbert & DennySummary: In a scene reminiscent of “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice”, Elliot Gould wakes up in bed with the new cast members, compares them to the original cast members, then answers their questions about SNL’s glory days.


MontageNote: Elliot Gould was unaware that the original cast and crew had left SNL, and was surprised to find himself surrounded by all new faces when he entered Studio 8-H.

Elliot Gould’s MonologueSummary: Elliot Gould shows off his old underwear to the audience, then swap pieces with Denny Dillon.

Also Hosted: 75i, 75v, 76s, 78i, 79k.


A Public Service Announcement: Highway EducationSummary: Highway billboards contain the text for classic novels, with new dialogue made available along each passing mile.


Cheering Up JimmySummary: Rosalynn Carter (Ann Risley) convinces Jimmy (Joe Piscopo) that he should be glad he lost the election, because now they can have sex again.

Recurring Characters: Jimmy Carter, Rosalynn Carter, Amy Carter.


Singing Billy-GramSummary: A cohabitating couple (Elliot Gould, Ann Risley) receive a singing Billy-Gram (Charles Rocket).


American Cancer SocietySummary: A topless Gail Matthius demonstrates how women can self-examine themselves for breast cancer.

Bio: Though Gail Matthius (1953-) failed to make an impact during “SNL”‘s ill-fated sixth season, she would find more success off-screen as a voice actress for animated children’s shows like “Animaniacs” and “Tiny Toon Adventures.”


What’s It All AboutSummary: Pinky (Denny Dillon) and Leo Waxman (Gilbert Gottfried) interview Elliot Gould.

Recurring Characters: Pinky Waxman, Leo Waxman.

“Foot Fetish”Summary: In a film by Randal Kleiser, a pair of shoes have sex on the beach.

Kid Creole & The Coconuts perform “Mister Softee”Bio: Kid Creole and the Coconuts are August Darnell and a glamorous trio of female backing vocalists that includes his wife Adriana Kaegi and vibraphone player Andy Hernandez (Coati Mundi). Their music incorporated many different styles of music, among them, Caribbean/Latin American salsa and disco.

Weekend Update with Charles RocketSummary: Gail Matthius tries to avoid telling John Anderson (Joe Piscopo) that he lost the election. In his first “Rocket Report”, Charles Rocket seeks gossip on the new album by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. In his new book, author Barry Grosscup (Gilbert Gottfried) makes the claim that Ronald Reagan is already dead.


At One With…Summary: Sgt. Steve Brick (Joe Piscopo) drills Cpl. Peter Thomas (Charles Rocket) of the Gay Brigade.


“Heart To Heart”Summary: In a film by Mitchell Kriegman, a man (Mitchell Kriegman) can’t seem to put his finger on what’s changed in his relationship, as different actresses portray his girlfriend.

SNL SportsSummary: Joe Piscopo delivers the play-by-play at the nose wrestling match between Scottie Bockman (Elliot Gould) and James Walker (Charles Rocket).

Vickie’s DateSummary: Vickie (Gail Matthius), the Valley girl teenager, has a dinner date with 40 year-old Mark Doyle (Elliott Gould).

Recurring Characters: Vickie.


The Accordian KillerSummary: A detective (Gail Matthius) goes undercover to trap Chuck LeVinto (Charles Rocket), AKA The Accordion Killer.


Kid Creole & The Coconuts perform “There But For The Grace of God Go I”

“Gidgette Goes To Hell”Summary: In a Suburban Lawns music video directed by Jonathan Demme, Gidgette is eaten by a shark while surfing in the ocean.

Speed ListeningSummary: Spokeswoman (Denny Dillon) doubly relaxes by speedreading a book and listening to classical music at an accelerated rate.



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