SNL Transcripts: David Carradine: 12/20/80: The Dancing Man

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  Season 6: Episode 5

80e: David Carradine / The cast of The Pirates of Penzance

The Dancing Man

Dancing Man…..Bill Irwin

[ Open on superimposed titles on a black BG “THE DANCING MAN BY MITCHELL KRIEGMAN ] [ Fade in on a rather weary looking man wearing sunglasses entering his apartment. He goes up to his bedroom, takes his glasses off and lays down on his bed. ] [ We then cut to his alarm clock reading 6:14. The minutes click to :15, and the song “Shake Your Groove Thing” begins to blare. The man jumps up from his bed and dances like crazy, but then stops and turns the clock off. ] [ We then cut to the man’s refrigerator as he gets out a pitcher of orange juice and pours it into his glass. We then start hearing the same song from an muffled, unknown distance. The man starts dancing again as juice splatters all over the place. He goes over to a wall and puts his hand against it, apparently trying to stop dancing, but the song then goes away. ] [ Exhausted, the man sits down on the kitchen table and accidently puts his head down, but accidently smashes it on the wood, he gets up with a pained look on his face but gently puts his head down until the doorbell rings. ] [ He goes to the door and opens it. Outside it is a young, black, deliveryman holding a boombox over his left shoulder and a package in his right hand. The man dances again while the deliveryman shakes his head at him like he is crazy. The man signs the delivery form and shuts the door, making the music stop, but the doorbell rings again and the man answers it. It is the same guy and the same music, so he takes the package and shuts the door. ] [ We then cut to the man sitting at the table opening the package which turns out to be a music box. He opens the music box and the same song begins playing. The man dances uncontrollably, then he slides down his stairs. ] [He then dances his way outside and down the sidewalk and starts dancing with a lady holding grocery bags. He lets go of her and continues to dance down the street ans the lady looks at him. ] [ fade ]

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