SNL Transcripts: Deborah Harry: 02/14/81: “Don’t Look In The Refrigerator!”

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  Season 6: Episode 10

80j: Deborah Harry / Funky 4 + 1 More

“Don’t Look In The Refrigerator!”

Housewife…..Deborah Harry

[ camera enters front door to slow zoom to refrigerator ]

Announcer: You’re back from vacation. A month in the sun was fun.But now, you’re hungry. You’re thinking of having just a little somethingbefore bed – something light. [ refrigerator door opens to a pile ofdisgusting leftovers ] Maybe some cottage cheese!

[ quick zoom upward to Housewife screaming ]

Announcer: “Don’t Look In The Refrigerator!” The terrifying journeyinto the world of leftovers! “Don’t Look In The Refrigerator!” Coming toa theater near you.

[ fade ]

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